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Emerging Professionals Program

Emerging Professionals: Shall be defined as a recent graduate entering the lighting profession for the first time OR a professional making a career change into the industry. A person shall be considered an emerging professional for five (5) years after graduation or entry into the lighting industry. Students will be considered members of this group.

*Note a new membership subgroup under Associate Membership will be created starting July 1, 2012 for Emerging Professionals to facilitate continuing membership through the initial years. Please see the Membership application page for details and eligibility.

Making Connections: The initial focus of the Emerging Professionals Program will be to enable new professionals and students to connect with IES members and the lighting community in many ways: with experienced members at program meetings, planning sessions, joining local and technical committees; with peers- going to EP focused events and socials; with the society- via an Emerging Professionals blog and contacts to EP leaders.

Mentoring: EPs will have the opportunity to meet with experienced IES members in their chosen field, and to find a mentor who can guide them in their professional development. EPs are also encouraged to give feedback to their mentor on section programs and society events and publications. The mentor can suggest topics and information to investigate, that can help the EPs build their skills and value.

Resources: Emerging Professionals will have access to scholarships and grants that can help them in their education and career. This can include support to attend the IES Annual Conference. In addition, specific programming will be developed geared towards Emerging Professionals, from Lighting Tours, to hands-on workshops at Society and local levels. Emerging Professionals will have a discussion board via the IES website, to share ideas and solve problems together.

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