enLIGHTen: IES International Year of Light Photo Contest 2015
In celebration of 2015 as the International Year of Light as proclaimed by UNESCO, the Emerging Professionals of IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) are giving you a reason to share your love for lighting for the next 6 months. Every month we will announce a “Theme of the Month” to which you will post “lighting” photos related to the chosen theme. You can post as many photos as you wish and at the end of each month, for bragging rights only, we will announce our favourite photo of the month. In August, a group of industry professional judges will select the top 3 entrants based on their photo originality, uniqueness, relevance to the theme of the month, activity and interaction with the public.
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The Richard Kelly Grant
2015 Call For Entries - Grant proposals must be submitted by June 30, 2015.
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The Lighting Handbook, 10th Edition
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Advanced Energy Design Guides: Free Download >

Model Lighting Ordinance – 2011:
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March 26 – 27, 2015 | Houston, TX
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2011 Mechanical Requirements

Size Unit Width Depth

2 Page Spread



2 Page Spread Bleed*



Full Page



Full Page Bleed**



2/3 Page



1/2 Page Spread



1/2 Page Spread Bleed***



1/2 Page Vertical



1/2 Page Horizontal



1/2 Page Island



1/3 Page Vertical



1/3 Page Square



1/4 Page



1/6 Page



Professional Services



*trim size 16 1/4” x 8 1/8 **trim size 8 1/8” x 10 7/8 ***trim size 16 1/4” x 5 3/8”

Safety Factor: Allow 1/2" from trims for live matter

Column size:

Two Column Page  -  width 3 3/8" maximum; depth 9 7/8" maximum


Three Column Page - width 2 1/8" maximum; depth 9 7/8" maximum

Photos: Set the CMYK limit to 300% max. To do this, open the image in Photoshop, and in the edit menu select "Color Settings". In the "Color Settings" window, select (at the top) "North America Prepress 2". Saving images with this setting will ensure that your photographs reproduce best in the magazine.

Halftones: 150 line screen

Materials: Electronic formats are preferred for all advertising materials.

PDF: High resolution, 300 dpi, fonts embedded, CMYK, Files must be distilled in Adobe Acrobat (Press Optimized).

InDesign: This is the preferred layout program. Use Package function to assemble the document and artwork on disk. Fonts must be included. LD+A accepts Adobe InDesign files converted into pdf format. However, it is recommended that you convert all fonts to paths when exporting.

QuarkXpress: LD+A accepts QuarkXpress. Use Collect for Output function to assemble the document and artwork on disk. Fonts must be included.

Adobe Illustrator: Convert illustrator files to CMYK, EPS files. Type must be converted to create outlines.

PhotoShop: Please save documents as EPS or TIFF. Supply images/scans as 300dpi. Images must be in CMYK or GRAYSCALE. JPEGs are not acceptable. Click on "No JPEG compression" when saving.

Contact us if you need any specific information regarding requirements.

Color ads: A SWOP (Standard for Web Offset Publications) color or a laser color progressive proof must accompany all color ads. If it is not provided there will be an additional charge of $40 for LD+A to create one. In the absence of initial proof, quality decisions will be made by LD+A.
LD+A assumes no responsibility for color accuracy without a SWOP color proof.

Colors Available: 4 color process (CMYK), Pantone, Metallic.

Ad Design: For an additional charge, LD+A staff will provide design services.

Storage: Materials will be stored for 1 year, then destroyed unless advertiser advises otherwise.

Printing: Web fed offset, covers are sheed fed offset.

Binding: Perfect Binding

Trim Size: 8 1/8" x 10 7/8"

FTP Instructions: Contact Leslie Prestia: 212-248-5000 ext. 111

Advance samples of inserts (e.g., brochures or CDs) must be provided for approval. Polybags are optional on a case-by-case basis. Please check with your sales representative.

Size:8 3/8" x 11 1/8"; spreads 16 3/4" x 11 1/8" untrimmed.
Allow for trimming 1/2" from binding edge and 3/8" from outside edges.

Weight: Max. 100lbs./Min. 70 lbs.

Rates: Space rates apply, except: four-page insert deduct 20%; eight-page insert deduct 40%; back-up charges: $375 per page for magazine inserts; $475 per page for polybag inserts.
Frequency insertion rates apply.

Production Costs: Extra charges for preparation necessary on an advertisement or insert will be billed to the advertiser. These charges could include redesigning, typesetting, copy changes, retouching, make-up, strip ins, camera work on photos or negatives, paper, or special handling. Additional charges may apply if the ad contains more than one high-resolution four color image or if the files are formatted incorrectly.

Publisher does not guarantee changes, alterations, or copy corrections on material received after closing date.

See Insertion Order/Advertising Contract at the end of the Media Kit pdf.

For more information on all above opportunities, call 212-248-5000 ext. 111 or email Leslie Prestia.
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