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General Information

Advertising Design Service
Not enough time to put an ad together? The experienced staff at LD+A can help,   at an affordable price. For further information, contact Marketing Manager, 212-248-5000, ext. 110

Discount & Payment Terms
A 15% commission is allowed to recognized advertising agencies on space, color and position— not allowable for mechanical charges, reprints, classified ads, etc.

Billing Information
The following payment policies will be strictly enforced:

  • Payment acceptable only in U.S. currency, drawn on a U.S. bank
  • Payment of invoices is required within thirty (30) days from receipt of invoice. Agency discount will be forfeited if not paid within this time frame.
  • All past due invoices are subject to finance charge equal to 1.5% per month (18% APR) of outstanding balance.
  • Creditor reserves the right to employ a collection agency and/or attorneys to collect past due charges; therefore, such   accounts will be subject to a reasonable attorney/collection fee equal to twenty percent (20%) of the outstanding   balance.
  • All past due invoices will be subject to "short rate". Any past due invoice will be recalculated to the higher amount due to   the frequency actually printed. "Short rate" adjustements will also be made for any change downward in frequency   agreement originally contracted for, either written or verbal.
  • If the invoice will not be paid within thirty days, you must contact LD+A's accounting department at 212-248-5000, ext.104, or these actions will be taken automatically. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Publication & Closing Dates
LD+A is a monthly publication and is issued at the beginning of the month of cover date.

Closing Dates: See Editorial Calendar for details

No cancellations or changes in orders accepted after closing dates. Publisher reserves the right to use previous ad materials if new materials are not received by deadline.

General Policy
All advertising is subject to approval. Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement considered unacceptable.

The advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the publisher, its officers, or employees against any and all claims and/or expenses resulting from the unauthorized use in, or in connection with, this advertising, or any name, photograph, sketch, or words protected by patents, copyright, or trademark registration.

The publisher is not responsible for errors in key numbers or advertiser's index. IESNA reserves the right to change any rate or provision upon notice.

See Insertion Order/Advertising Contract at the end of the Media Kit pdf.

Mailing Instructions
Send all advertising materials and instructions including contracts, insertion orders and other correspondence to:

Advertising/Production Department
120 Wall Street, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10005-4001
Phone: 212-248 5000 ext.111;
Fax: 212-248-5017/5018;
Email: Leslie Prestia (advertising); Paul Tarricone (editorial)

Reprint Services
LD+A can supply reprints of appropriate articles or advertisements. To obtain pricing information, call 212-248 5000 ext.111, or email Leslie Prestia

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