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LD+A welcomes news of upcoming educational opportunities and conferences. Submit dates and events, along with contact information, to Leonora Desar.

Oct-1-2014 Residential Lighting Technologies and Techniques

The Lighting Research Center, LRC is offering “Residential Lighting Technologies and Techniques,” to be held in New York City. This course is funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), to assist contractors, homebuilders, and professionals throughout the State to utilize new lighting technologies. Participants learn how products operate, interconnect, and are installed, they will redesign existing lighting plans to make them more efficient for occupants and estimate energy savings. Cost: $40. 6 AIA available. Contact: Dan Frering 518-687-7100, E-mail: ferried@rpi.edu

Oct 1-Oct 2, 2014 LEDs, Controls, New Technologies and Retrofits for Energy-Efficient Solutions

Cooper Lighting is offering “LEDs, Controls, New Technologies and Retrofits for Energy-Efficient Solutions.” This class will focus on the latest energy-saving strategies through lighting and control strategies for industrial, commercial, warehousing and exterior environments. Participants will gain an understanding of the advantages of the latest in lighting and control technologies including multiple benefits that LED technology offers.multiple applications will be discussed by allowing the participant to gain knowledge on how to identify and recommend energy-saving lighting systems. Both new installations and retrofits will be discussed based on budget, energy consumption and installed costs. Lighting legislation, including EPACT, LEED, ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC will be discussed as well as how to identify and utilize rebate programs that help to speed adoption of these products into the different spaces where energy-savings are needed and required. Focus is on energy legislation and EPACT, advancement of energy- saving lamp/ballast systems and LEDs, energy management through controls, proper criteria to select the appropriate lighting products to increase energy savings and case study project for the class. Prerequisites: Completion of Lighting Fundamentals class or a firm understanding of lighting basics. CEUs: up to 12 hours available. TheSource@cooperindustries.com

Oct 3-Oct 5, 2014 Nittany Lights - An Exterior Lighting Workshop (Penn State University)

Nittany Lights, an exterior lighting workshop, will be held at Penn State University on October 3rd-5th 2014. The event is a chance for students and professionals to interact in a fun yet educational manner. The workshop includes a lecture and campus lighting tour on Friday evening. On Saturday, teams are assigned sections of campus and supplied with hundreds of donated lights and other equipment to create full scale mock-ups. All meals are provided during the event Saturday, including a very nice dinner with product displays by various sponsors. For more information or to inquire about attending the workshop please visit www.nittanylights.com

Oct-9-2014 Illuminate Philadelphia’s Lighting Education Conference and Exhibit

The IES Philadelphia Section is offering “Illuminate Philadelphia’s” Lighting Education Conference and Exhibit,” to be held at the Hub Cira Center. This one-day conference will feature accredited seminars given by top lighting experts. Participants will learn about the latest lighting research and trends, energy code updates, lighting case studies and more. Contact: www.illuminatephiladelphia.org

Oct 15-Oct 16, 2014 Photometry Institute

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) is offering their “Photometry Institute” for technicians, engineers and testing personnel at the LRC in Troy, New York. Participants will learn about photometric, colorimetric and related assessment of lighting products and prototypes. They will also learn the skills needed to conduct photometric testing and evaluate a variety of lighting products and systems. Cost: $1,400. Cost for many New York state residents: $420. E-mail mullar2@rpi.edu or go to www.lrc.rpi.edu

Oct 19-Oct 23, 2014 85th Annual Aviation Lighting Conference

The IES Aviation Lighting Committee announces the “85th Annual Aviation Lighting Conference” to be held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando, FL. This conference includes four full days of technical papers, interactive educational seminars and banquet dinner. Contact: Frank Barzak, Fbarczak@Goaa.Org

Oct 22-Oct 24, 2014 Lighting Fundamentals for Distributors and Contractors

Cooper Lighting is offering “Lighting Fundamentals for Distributors and Contractors.” (See August 20-22.)

Oct 28-Oct 29, 2014 Outdoor Lighting Institute

The LRC is holding an “Outdoor Lighting Institute” for lighting designers, engineers, utility personnel and municipal officials at the LRC in Troy, New York. The seminar will teach the skills necessary for designing, specifying and commissioning outdoor lighting installations. Participants will learn how to apply this knowledge to a variety of sites and locations, with the objective of reducing light pollution and energy use, and improving safety. Cost: $1,050. Cost for many New York state residents: $315. E-mail mullar2@rpi.edu or go to www.lrc.rpi.edu

Nov 2-Nov 4, 2014 2014 IES Annual Conference

Please join us at the 2014 IES Annual Conference; “A Confluence of Art and Science.” Held at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Pittsburgh, the IES will use the context and inspiration of the “City of Bridges” and its confluence of rivers to epitomize how excitement, energy and change happen at the convergence of art and technology. Here, professionals from diverse disciplines come together to explore, present, discuss, debate and exchange best practices in the art and science of lighting. A great lineup of keynote speakers and topical lighting issues are planned. Contact: Valerie Landers 212-248-5000 ext. 117, E-mail: vlanders@ies.org or www.ies.org/ac

Nov 5-Nov 6, 2014 Light and Health Institute

The LRC is holding their “Light and Health Institute” at the LRC in Troy, New York. Designed for lighting and healthcare professionals, the seminar will explore how light can help various health conditions and affect sleep, alertness and performance. Prior to the seminar, participants will receive a personal light measurement device to wear for two weeks. LRC researchers will analyze the results during the Institute. Cost: $1,200 if registered by October 15. $1,400 if registered after October 15. Cost for many New York state residents: $360 if registered by October 15. $420 if registered after October 15. E-mail mullar2@rpi.edu or go to www.lrc.rpi.edu

Nov 10-Nov 12, 2014 Eaton’s Cooper Lighting Agent Update

Cooper Lighting is offering “Eaton’s Cooper Lighting Agent Update.” See (February 11-13).

Nov 11-Nov 13, 2014 LED Lighting Institute

The LRC is offering their “LED Lighting Institute,” held at the LRC in Troy, New York. This seminar teaches attendees how to incorporate LED and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technologies into architectural lighting fixture designs. Participants will learn how to compare system components from diverse manufacturers and build lighting systems using the features of solid-state lighting. The program concludes with attendees developing their own lighting fixtures. Cost: $2,600. Cost for many New York state residents: $780. E-mail mullar2@rpi.edu or go to www.lrc.rpi.edu

Nov 19-Nov 20, 2014 LED Exterior Lighting Solutions

Cooper Lighting is offering “LED Exterior Lighting Solutions.” This course covers LEDs in detail as a source for exterior applications. Geared to specifiers or energy managers. Participants learn the principles of exterior lighting legislation. Focus on the effect of color for nighttime environment and recommended practices for roadway, parking lots and garages, and the criteria for equipment selection. Prerequisites: Lighting Fundamentals or a firm understanding of lighting basics and terminology. Cost: $400. CEUs up to 13 hours available. Contact: TheSource@cooperindustries.com

Dec 3-Dec 5, 2014 Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics

Cooper Lighting is offering “Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics.” This workshop includes lighting technologies such as LEDs, lamp and ballast systems, lighting terminology, fixture types, cost of light and an introduction to lighting controls. Participants will be able to engage and apply skills learned while interacting with instructors and classmates. Focus is on light, sight and color, LED and traditional light sources, cost of light, lighting terminology, photometry, optical control and luminaires. No prior experience in lighting is required. CEUs up to 20 hours available. Cost: $525. Email: TheSource@cooperindustries.com

Dec 9-Dec 11, 2014 Fundamentals of Lighting

Hubbell Lighting is offering “Fundamentals of Lighting,” to be held at their Lighting Solutions Center in Greenville, SC. Geared to new or seasoned professionals in the industry, this workshop focuses on the fundamental principles of lighting and introduces today’s latest advancements in lighting technology. Through hands-on training and real-world applications, we take an interactive approach to educating our participants in general lighting terminology, lamps and ballasts, solid-state lighting technology, light, vision and color, optical control and basic application principles. www.lightingsolutionscenter.com

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