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10th Edition of IES Lighting Handbook
10th Edition of IES Lighting Handbook
Editors David DiLaura, Kevin Houser, Richard Mistrick, Gary Steffy

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10th Edition of IES Lighting Handbook
Sample 1
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10th Edition of IES Lighting Handbook
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Table of Contents

Preface / Foreword /
Acknowledgements / Reader’s Guide
Section 1: Framework
Physics and Optics of Radiant Power
Vision: Eye and Brain
Photobiology and Non-visual Effects of Optical Radiation
Perceptions and Performance
Concepts and Language of Lighting Color
Light Sources: Technical Characteristics
Luminaires: Forms and Optics
Measurement of Light: Photometry
Calculation of Light and its Effect
Section 2: Design
Lighting Design in the Building Design Process
Components of Lighting Design
Light Sources: Application Considerations
Designing Daylighting
Designing Electric Lighting
Lighting Controls
Energy Management
Contract Documents
Section 3: Applications
Lighting for Art
Lighting for Common Applications
Lighting for Courts and Prisons
Lighting for Education
Lighting for Emergency and Safety
Lighting for Exteriors
Lighting for Health Care
Lighting for Hospitality and Entertainment
Lighting for Libraries
Lighting for Manufacturing
Lighting for Miscellaneous Applications
Lighting for Offices
Lighting for Residences
Lighting for Retail
Lighting for Sports and Recreation
Lighting for Transport
Lighting for Worship

 Lighting Handbook 10th Edition

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Important: If you purchased the print version online from the IES prior to 12/01/11 and would like a single-user PDF, please request your password to receive your special discounted price. If you purchased the print version on or after 12/01/11, retrieve the password you created during the purchasing process.

Before You Order

The PDF is available as a download file for PC/MAC (not available for tablets).

Single & Multi-user Access

A single user download of the PDF is restricted to viewing on one unique computer. The content of the Handbook is copyrighted and may not be electronically shared with others. For additional information about restrictions, see the FAQ section.

A subscription can allow one or multiple users to view the PDF from more than one computer via username and password. Viewing is restricted to the number of concurrent users (up to 5) selected at the time of purchase. See Handbook Subscribe Form. Subscriptions are also available at: Tech Street, IHS, or SAI Global. IES does not determine the subscription price from other providers.

System Requirements

  • Acrobat Reader 6 or later.
  • FileOpen Plug-In is necessary to access the encrypted PDF file. To download, click here.
  • Hi Speed internet connection recommended for faster download.
  • Estimated Download Times: File size: 94.40 MB. DSL can be up to 9 minutes. Cable and fiber optic will be less.
  • Subscribers must have an internet connection to view the PDF.

File Activation

To access the PDF, you must be verified after you download the file. To be verified, keep your online browser open when you open the PDF. You will be prompted for your email address and password. Please note: In the authentication window, please enter your email address when prompted for “User Name”. Once verification is completed, you will no longer be prompted for your email address and password to access the PDF. Without online verification, you will not be able to access the PDF.

Advantages of a PDF

  • Portable: If downloaded to a laptop, the PDF (Portable Document Format) travels wherever you go with your computer (e.g., to a job site). Subscribers must have internet access to view the PDF.
  • Easily Navigable: The PDF contains more than 12,000 links that allow you quick access to other relevant sections of the approx. 1,370 page PDF. The links connect text to text, graphics to text and text to graphics. The chapter headings in the Table of Contents connect to the first page of the corresponding chapters.
  • Permanent Access: Once the PDF is successfully downloaded on your computer, no further login is required (except for subscribers).
  • Viewing Options: Acrobat Reader allows users to select a single page or two-page viewing, especially helpful when accessing the Illuminance Tables. See FAQ for more information.

For information about the content of the Lighting Handbook, please go to the page for the print version.

FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view the PDF as I would the printed book?
To view the PDF in two page spreads as you would the printed book, click on View on the Acrobat Reader toolbar. Select Page Display from the drop-down box, then select "two up".

Are there file sharing/downloading restrictions?
The PDF may not be shared with others or copied. Viewing is restricted to the computer on which the PDF is authenticated (except for subscribers).

What do I do if I get a new computer?
  • Login here
  • Click Reset Your PDF
  • Transfer PDF or re-download on new computer
  • Open PDF and re-authenticate

What is the Purchase Process?
Before you begin the purchasing process, you must have Acrobat Reader 6 or later and the necessary plug-in. To purchase the PDF, click here. Complete the requested information. Save your user name and password! You will be asked for it again. After purchase completion, you will receive email confirmations of the order from both IES and Heartland (credit card processing). The IES confirmation email will have a link to download the PDF. When you open the PDF you will be required one last time to verify your user name and password. Once the download is finished and you are verified, you will have permanent access to the PDF on your computer.

Why isn’t the PDF less than the print version for non-print purchasers?
The content is the most valuable aspect of the book, which remains the same in print and in PDF format. The uniqueness of the PDF required additional expenses (some of which are on-going) that were not included in the print edition.

Can I print from the PDF?
Yes, but there is a limit to the number of times you can print from the file as a single user purchaser. The maximum is 50. Each time a page, range, or group of page ranges printed counts as one printing.

Can I Modify the File?
The PDF cannot be edited, nor does it allow you to cut and paste the text. If you have additional questions about the Lighting Handbook not addressed here or if you are having trouble downloading the PDF, contact or call 212-248-5000, ext 112.

What do I do if my download was not successful?
If you are able to open the PDF but see blank pages, we recommend that you uninstall the Acrobat Reader and re-install it (For PCs go to Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs).

If you are unable to access the PDF, there was a problem with verifying your user name and password. Please call 212-248-5000, ext 112.

What do I do if I can access the PDF but I can’t print?
Try unchecking the box in Acrobat Reader X at Edit>Preferences>General> and select Enable protected mode at startup and try to the print job again.

Why can’t I print the PDF in color?
If you have a color printer, the printer DEFAULT settings must be set/changed to color before the PDF is opened by Adobe Reader. To change the setting for Windows, go to Start, then Control Panel and select View Devices and Printers. Right click on the relevant printer icon and select Printing Preferences from the drop-down menu. Select Color Printing as the default printing mode. Please note: if your computer is on a network, you may be required to have administrator rights to change the printer settings.

Why can’t I print double-sided?
If you have a duplex printer capable of printing two-sided pages, you must set/change the printer DEFAULT settings to double-sided printing before the PDF is opened by Adobe Reader. In the Windows operating system, the default printer settings can be changed by going to Start, then Control Panel and select View Devices and Printers. Right click on the icon of the relevant printer and select Printing Preferences from the drop-down menu. Select double-sided printing as the default printing mode. Please note: if your computer is on a network, you may be required to have administrator rights to change the printer settings.
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