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IES Illumination Awards


Improvements to the 2017 Submissions Process

New portal simplifies uploading and improves processing reliability and speed, providing a more robust framework to administer and support the IA program, benefitting all users.

6 weeks to prepare by eliminating editing time and giving submitters more time to polish their entries. Work can be ‘saved’ so you can make changes before hitting ‘send’, which finalizes your entry. (TIP – have someone else proof read your entry before you hit ‘send’).

New Score Sheets allow more flexibility to describe project complexity and solution. Slight point totals adjusted; scoring for judges is more unified with regards to intent and applicability of point levels. Energy and Budget requirements moved to description of complexity to address it if it was critical to your project, or not address if it was not important to your project.

The entry fee is only $125 per entry.

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