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LD+A Hot Topics

LD+A - The Magazine of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America


How do we reconcile green design with quality lighting? Are LEDs really the future of lighting? Which lighting research projects are making the greatest impact? Which lamps, fixtures and control systems make the most sense in certain applications? Articles and essays in the “Hot Topics” section explore these questions.

    The LED Testing & Application section touches on the Department of Energy’s efforts to introduce solid-state lighting into the marketplace, as well as case histories on trend-setting installations.

    The Lighting Research & Education section offers an overview of the cutting-edge work taking place in some of the most prestigious lighting labs in the world, as well as articles on corporate and university education for practitioners, graduate students and undergrads.

    The Sustainable Design section includes case histories and essays on best practices in green design.

    The Lamps & Fixtures in the Field section features technology comparisons, in addition to innovative applications.

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