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Meritorious Service Award

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The Section Meritorious Service Award is presented by a Section to a member in recognition of outstanding service to the Section, principally of a non-technical nature, that has significantly furthered the purpose of the Society continuously over a number of years in various programs and activities.


  1. Factors considered in evaluating candidate's qualifications:
    a. Fifteen (15) or more years of dedicated service to the Society at the Section level;  however, on unusual and rare occasions a Society member of less than fifteen years may be mentioned.
    b. Nominee must be an active member. No restriction as to classification of membership other than Student member.


  1. All nominations must be completely filled out using the official IES Section Meritorious Service Award form. Two reference letters must accompany the nomination and detail the candidate’s accomplishments relative to the award.
  2. The nomination shall be signed by at least five proposers (may be active section members and/or past Section officers.) The nomination must be approved by the Section Board of Managers.
  3. An approved nomination shall be submitted to the District Chair who will forward to the Society office.
  4. The Section Meritorious Service Award is a significant and meaningful award for individuals having given exceptional service over a long period of time. It is not intended that an award be presented every year. The number of awards per Section shall not exceed one per year, except Sections with more than 250 members may make two awards per year for the first 5 years to recognize the "senior citizen" age category.
  5. The Section Meritorious Service Award may be presented at any time during the program year at a Section meeting. The Section should allow at least (3) business weeks advance notice to the IES office of the presentation date to ensure fulfillment and shipping of the award to the Section.

The Award

The award is an engraved plaque issued through the IES office. The cost of this award is the section's responsibility.

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