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Lighting Quality and Building Performance

As many are aware, ongoing legislation continues to drive down lighting power density allowances. It shows up in many of the bills that address energy consumption – a common target is a reduction of 50% below the levels in ASHRAE/IES 90.1 – 2004. Many feel we are now at a point where it is difficult to meet these levels and still provide a quality lighting system that addresses human factors, safety, and security.

The IES is aware of this and wants to bring the issue to the attention of the legislators and government agencies. We are working with IALD, ALA, and AIA to develop a plan to deal with this issue most effectively. As usual, we will take the educational approach. So far, we (in conjunction with IALD and ALA) have created a brochure on lighting quality. Shortly, we expect the AIA to add their name to the brochure. The brochure references IES DG-18-08, A Guide to Designing Quality Lighting for People and Buildings.

As our plans develop, we will keep you informed; check back here periodically for updates on our progress.

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