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House passes Energy and Water Appropriations bill with lighting rider

Last week (week of June 4, 2012), the House passed their Energy and Water Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2013. This bill contains the expected rider, sponsored by Rep. Burgess (R-TX), eliminating enforcement funds for the incandescent lamp minimum efficacy regulations. This is a repeat of what happened to the 2012 appropriations bill after Rep. Barton’s (R-TX) failed attempt to repeal the regulations. The Senate version of the bill is still being developed, but it is thought that the Senate bill will be quite different from the House version.

Regardless of the enforcement situation, the law requiring improved efficacy incandescent lamps is still in effect (EISA 2007). The major lamp manufacturers still intend to comply with the law. However, there are possible unintended consequences – offshore manufacturers and/or importers could skirt the law and sell outlawed products due to lack of enforcement.

Watch this space for updates on the Senate actions.

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