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February 27, 2017
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  • Approved Method for Photometric Testing Of Indoor Fluorescent Luminaires
    Approved Method for Photometric Testing Of Indoor Fluorescent Luminaires
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    2014 - 14 Pages
    8 ½ X 11 Softcover
    List Price: $25
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    ISBN # 978-0-87995-292-1

    Product ID: LM-41-14
    Price: $25.00
    Member Price: $17.50
    Product Detailed Description
    This guide is intended to provide uniform data useful for evaluating the performance of fluorescent luminaires for general lighting. The luminaire characteristics are reported in terms of intensity distribution, flux distribution and efficiency. These performance data may be developed into factors and/or tables that allow the predetermination of illuminance and luminance for any conventional plane or boundary surface.

    This guide provides adequate and uniform methods for determining and reporting the photometric characteristics of indoor fluorescent luminaires. It describes characteristics of luminaires and some components, as well as the requirements for the thermal environment and proper control of the electrical and mechanical systems involved. This document is also concerned with general test conditions and the testing procedure best suited for achieving accurate and consistent photometric results.

    Normative References
    Ambient and Physical Conditions
    Electrical Conditions and Instrumentation
    Test Requirements
    Photometric Test Procedures
    Test Reports
    Informative Reference List
    Annex A - Zonal Lumen Constants
    Annex B – Special Considerations for Stabilizing and Testing Various Fluorescent Lamp Types

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