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March 01, 2017
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  • New Item: Fundamentals of Lighting - Instructor Version
    Fundamentals of Lighting - Instructor Version
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    *Print option available for those who prefer it to PDF and for those with systems (e.g. Apple Tablets) that may not work with the encrypted PDF.*

    Product ID: FOL-IM-15-PDF
    Price: $100.00
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    Product Detailed Description

    The Fundamentals of Lighting Instructor’s Manual (FOL-IM-15-PDF), published by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, is a set of ten modules in PDF format for use by instructors to develop an introductory course on lighting. Each module includes textual material (text and slides with instructor notes), student slide handout note-taking pages, quizzes, answers to quizzes, administrative guidelines, and additional references.

    Instructors using Fundamentals of Lighting in an introductory course seeking IES or related continuing education credits (e.g., IES CEUs, AIA-HSW-LUs, or USGBC CEs) for course participants must contact Pat McGillicuddy (pmcgillicuddy@ies.org) for approval prior to course delivery.

    IES FOL-IM-15 Instructor Version contains:

    1. Text Files

    2. PPT Slides

    3. PPT Instructor Notes

    4. Student PPT Handouts

    5. Quiz + Answers

    6. IES Education Administrative Guidelines


    PART 1 – Modules 1 - 5

    Module 1 – Overview (History, Professional Practice, Physics, Vision, Color, Light and Health)

    Module 2 – Electric light sources and Auxiliary Devices

    Module 3 - Daylighting

    Module 4 – Luminaires

    Module 5 – Controls

    PART 2 – Modules 6 - 8

    Module 6 – Lighting Metrics, Photometry, Calculations and Rendering

    Module 7 – Codes and Standards, Economics

    Module 8 – Lighting Design Process and Techniques, Sustainability and Commissioning

    PART 3 – Modules 9 and 10

    Module 9 – Lighting for Interiors

    Module 10 – Lighting for Exteriors

    Instructor Version

    Order #: FOL-IM-15-PDF

    ISBN: 978-0-87995-316-4

    List Price: $100

    IES Member Price: $75

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