Sep 16, 2020

Daylight Metrics Committee


Committee Purpose, Scope And Documents


This Technical Committee develops metrics and criteria to measure and assess the daylight quality and performance of various building designs.


Included subject matter: The scope includes daylight metrics applicable to common workplace environments. Excluded subject matter: This committee does not cover energy consumption.


Committee Leadership

Committee Chair – Neall E. Digert



– Christopher M. Meek


– Craig A. Casey

Members (Voting)

  • Amy Keller
  • Daniel C. Glaser
  • Richard G. Mistrick
  • Matthew Tanteri
  • Alstan Jakubiec
  • Christopher M. Meek
  • Luis L. Fernandes
  • Kyle S. Konis
  • Lisa Heschong
  • Jonathan R. McHugh
  • Joseph M. Briscoe
  • Zack L. Rogers
  • Kevin G. Van Den Wymelenberg

Advisory Members (Non-Voting)

  • Amir Nezamdoost
  • Anne K. Ullestad
  • Sagar U. Rao
  • Rob Guglielmetti
  • Jeffrey T. Berg
  • Matthew D. Franks
  • Minchen Wei
  • Konstantinos Papamichael
  • Hongyi Cai
  • Jens Christoffersen
  • Christopher N. James
  • Marilyne Andersen
  • Won Hee Ko
  • Collin Robinson
  • Taoning Wang
  • Galen Burrell
  • Penny Cole
  • Clotilde Pierson

Advisory Panel Liaisons

  • Ian Ashdown

Board Liaisons

Staff Liaisons

  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • Dan Ozminkowski