Sep 16, 2020

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– Evelyn McGowan

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Evelyn’s interest in lighting was sparked by it’s dual facets of art and science in graduate school studying Architecture at the University of Illinois. While there, she became a teaching assistant for the undergrad lighting course and then one of several teachers for the IES lighting education courses for the next 20 years. Evelyn has served continuously on the Chicago Section Board of Managers for over 25 years in various roles including IA Chair, and more recently Membership Chair. In 2020 Evelyn received a Section Meritorious Award.

Evelyn worked as a specification salesperson for an independent sales rep agency, Morr Sharp Associates, becoming an owner in 2000 and sole owner in 2011. After selling the agency in 2017, she returned to the lighting design profession. She is active in the Chicago chapter of Women in Lighting + Design, in addition to several community service organizations.

Members (Voting)

  • R. Scott Wright
  • Jim R. Levy
  • Thomas W. Kieffer

Advisory Members (Non-Voting)

Advisory Panel Liaisons

Board Liaisons

  • James H. Potts
  • Susanne Seitinger

Staff Liaisons

  • Jennifer Jaques