Sep 16, 2020

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Respect (DEIR) Committee


Committee Purpose, Scope And Documents


• Develop a society wide inclusivity infrastructure by establishing foundational systems, checkpoints, metrics, and behaviors that support the work of building more inclusive and equitable operations.

• Embrace D&I as drivers of staff and member satisfaction as well as organizational innovation, value, and growth.

• Nurture a culture of candor, trust, open communication, and compassion in order to address organizational vulnerabilities and further capitalize on innovative opportunities.

• Serve as a diversity, equity, inclusion and respect thought leader, advocate, and resource for staff, members, and volunteers, while tapping into the global collective D&I knowledge and experience of our Society members and industry partners.

• Recommend, and help establish/execute on programs, services, research, approaches and strategies that will help IES better leverage DEIR as a competitive advantage; develop paths for leaders, future members and partners; and lead the lighting industry profession of the future.

• Cultivate and oversee the creation of DEIR content, including language best practices, as well as protocols for content dissemination across various constituencies.


• Identify standards, best practices, and related frameworks governing D&I globally, including: 

o Systems to provide opportunities for self‐identification in data collection 

o Protocols for education, development, and implementation of the DEIR lens, specifically during the onboarding process for staff, members, and volunteers 

o Procedures for measurement of data to evaluate causation, correlation and progress

• Identify and nurture meaningful and valuable partnerships with appropriate organizations 

• Identify channels and opportunities for articles, blogs, and posts on this topic within IES and with partner organizations 

• Develop and manage a virtual community(ies) around diversity, inclusion, and equity to drive member engagement and communication in a safe environment 

• Support relevant existing IES programs, events, and publications with a DEIR lens for improving messaging, materials, and opportunities for staff, members, and volunteers. 

• Recommend to IES Board of Directors and Staff Liaison approaches to identify future potential volunteer leaders in underrepresented groups within IES current membership for sections, committees, and board positions. 

• Participate in educational opportunities at all levels of the Society as DEIR subject‐matter experts at IES, IES‐sponsored, IES‐section, and non‐IES events 

• Identify potential research topics within our industry and participate in research around DEIR issues


Committee Leadership

Committee Chair – – Peter Hugh

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Peter Hugh, founder of Hugh Lighting Design has been in lighting design for over 30 years of which over 20 of that has been serving the IES in many capacities. He has been an IES section President for two sections, regional vice president, district chair, regional director, and served a member/vice chair/ and chair of several committees. With a background in theater, psychology, and history, he has based his focus on lighting design issues for all people equally. He believes in balance and finding solutions grounded in imagination and reality.

Members (Voting)

  • Alana Shepherd
  • Edward Bartholomew
  • Mariel Taviana Acevedo
  • Bernadette Boudreaux
  • Elizabeth Williams

Advisory Members (Non-Voting)

Advisory Panel Liaisons

  • Cheryl R. English

Board Liaisons

  • Susanne Seitinger
  • James H. Potts

Staff Liaisons

  • Jennifer Jaques