Sep 16, 2020

Economics Committee


Committee Purpose, Scope And Documents


Develop an expanded evaluation of economic factors, including new market opportunities that establish the full value proposition for illumination (daylighting and electric) systems including, but expanding beyond, energy and maintenance costs.


Included subject matter: Quantitative (e.g., energy) and qualitative (e.g., wellness) economic factors that should inform selection of illumination platforms. Excluded subject matter: Specific standards for illumination systems needed to drive both quantitative and qualitative economic assessments.


Committee Leadership

– Michael A. Myer

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Michael Myer has been with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory since 2007. Prior to joining PNNL, Michael worked as an architectural lighting designer in New York, first with Hayden McKay and then later with Naomi Miller. Michael became an architectural lighting designer after completing his M.S. in Lighting from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his B.A. in Theatre from Arizona State University. Since joining PNNL Michael has worked on a wide-ranging number of lighting projects. Michael splits his time across a variety of programs including Building Energy Codes and Federal Appliance Standards; Commercial Building Integration, and Advanced Lighting / solid-state lighting. These programs provide Michael with a cross-cutting point of view where he can borrow and share across the programs. Michael has been involved in many field evaluations and demonstrations.

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