Regional Technical Award

The Regional Technical Award shall be given in recognition of meritorious technical achievement that has furthered the profession, art or knowledge of illuminating engineering. Accomplishments shall be in the field of engineering, design, applied illumination, optics, ophthalmology, lighting, research or education.


Associate Member, or Member in good standing of IES for a minimum of three(3) years.
NOTE: This award does not imply qualification for Fellow nor is it required o qualify for nomination to Fellow.

Technical Achievement

Must have met either the educational requirements (or) the scientific requirements as outlined below.


Have taught at least three (3) years continuous at a two year or higher college or university, a complete illuminating engineering course (including lighting design), or have taught a complete IES sponsored lighting course at least five times. This could be the same course such as an ED Series or a special seminar series or several courses such as ED-50, ED-100, etc. as long as they total five (complete course).


Must have made significant scientific or aesthetic contributions to the field of illumination. This may be in the form of publications, presentations or design recognition. Meeting any one of the following criteria will qualify:

  • Publication must be one or more at the journal level or three or more at the periodical level.
  • Two or more utility (mechanical) patents issued in the field of illuminating engineering or related field.
  • Four or more technical (or asthetic) presentations at the IES regional level.
  • Three or more Regional Awards of Merit for Design.
  • Notable original work, invention, research, or scientific accomplishments supported by documentation.


  • Nomination forms should be accompanied by at least three letters from individuals active at the regional level supporting the nomination detailing the candidate’s accomplishments relative to the award. The nomination will be evaluated only on the material submitted.
  • A Regional Technical Award committee, appointed by the Regional Membership Council shall have at least five (5) members consisting of past Regional Directors (if and when available), at least two (2) IES Fellows, and other individuals active at the regional or international level. All committee members must be of Member or Fellow membership classification.

The Award

These awards shall be presented at the region’s discretion. The cost of this award is the responsibility of the region in which it is given.


  • Latal, Kenneth (Northeast – 2014)
  • Radetsky, Leora (Northeast – 2014)
  • Tsao, Jeffrey (South – 2014)
  • Schwartz, Jeffrey (Northeast – 2013)
  • Cole, John (Northeastern – 2000)
  • Ripman, Christopher (Northeastern – 2000)
  • Assaf, III David (South Central – 1993)
  • Daugherty, Andrea Mills (South Central – 1993)
  • Hebert, Paulette R. (South Central – 1993)