Ellen Kathrine Hansen, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Ellen Kathrine Hansen

Head of MSc program and Lighting Design Research Group, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Aalborg University, Copenhagen.
Ellen Kathrine Hansen holds a Master in Architecture from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and a Ph.D. in transdisciplinary Lighting Design processes from Aalborg University.

Hansen is a prominent person in the field of transdisciplinary design research and teaching within light and sustainable architecture. She has more than 25 years of experience driving projects within the field of developing new sustainable and architectural potentials through integration of daylight, technology and materials. Her projects are based on combining knowledge and skills from technical, humanistic and industrial environments.

In 2012 Hansen left the window industry to start up a new Master of Science program and research platform at AAU, designing with light in a transdisciplinary context combining lighting technology, architecture and media technology. In this context the Double Dynamic Lighting (DDL) approach was founded by Hansen and integrated in the research and teaching.

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