Richard Muthama

Richard Muthama began his career in Nairobi, Kenya, where he honed his skills as an Interior Designer before pursuing an MFA in Architectural Lighting Design at Parsons School of Design in New York City. This educational journey marked a significant pivot towards a keen interest in the intersection of design with social and ethical considerations, particularly in the context of lighting. His thesis work, which focused on the impact of lighting in incarceration sleep environments, highlighted the potential of architectural lighting design to address complex issues of human rights and environmental psychology.

Driven by his passion for light equity and justice, Richard joined Light Justice as a curator, contributing his expertise to initiatives aimed at promoting equitable lighting solutions. After graduation, his journey through the field of lighting led him to Lam Partners, where he practices as a lighting designer. At Lam Partners, Richard looks to continue exploring how lighting design can enhance public health and safety, especially in marginalized communities, demonstrating a continued commitment to using design as a tool for positive social change.