Trailblazers and IconsTrailblazers and Icons is an inspiring and informative series of interviews with some of the lighting communities’ most recognized thought leaders, teachers and practitioners and others. The interviews, conducted by IES Fellow Daniel Blitzer, elicit from each interviewee their major contributions to lighting and their perspective on some of the major issues currently facing the lighting industry. Additional interviews will be added to the series each year with a handful of others who have blazed a trail in lighting. These interviews are available only to active members of the IES. We hope you enjoy our initial set of interviews with Sam Berman, Howard Brandston and Mark Rea. (Members Only)

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Dr. Mark Rea

Mark Rea discusses the state of lighting education today, the need for revised discussion on lighting metrics, levels and need for action now.
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Howard Brandston

Howard Brandston regales us with his discussion of how he got his start in lighting, his career with the IES and his approach to lighting design and education.
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Dr. Sam Berman

Sam Berman recounts his path into lighting research, recent changes of the energy codes and the science of lighting.