IES Webinar Series
Each month, the IES presents a live webinar on topics we believe will be beneficial to our membership and the public at large. We are excited to offer you this education oriented program where you can expand your knowledge about lighting and earn IES continuing education credits (CEUs). We hope that you will join us. Consult the listing below for upcoming webinars. For the benefit of our members, we also list our webinar schedule in IES NEWS that is distributed every other week to IES members. We look forward to your participation. If you have general questions about the webinars, please forward them to Tom Butters, Director of Education

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Maintenance in the LED Era
August 16th 12:00 PM EDT
Rather than being maintenance free, LED requires a change in maintenance practices more akin to stewardship than reactive replacement. Based on RP-36 and other information, this joint IES-NALMCO webinar will provide an overview of effective maintenance practices for indoor and outdoor LED lighting and control systems.

Lighting for Horticulture
September 20th 12:00 PM EDT
Humans see visible light; plants perceive and respond to electromagnetic radiation. For all that we have learned and know about lighting design for architectural and roadway applications, surprisingly little of this is relevant to horticultural lighting design. Greenhouses and vertical farms may look like the proverbial “empty rectangular box” for which calculations using the Lumen Method might be sufficient, but plants are much more sophisticated than they first appear. Topics of interest include daily light integrals, short- and long-day plants, shade avoidance syndrome (SAS), red to far-red ratios (R:FR), ultraviolet resistance, photopigments (chlorophylls, phytochromes, cryptochromes, phototropins, and UVR8), photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis, secondary metabolites … the list goes on. Perhaps surprisingly, what lighting designers can bring to the conversation is knowledge of climate-based annual daylight availability. Horticultural lighting design is a fascinating and ongoing discussion between lighting designers, luminaire manufacturers, horticulturists, and floriculturists.

Solving LED Dimming Issues in Retrofit Projects
October 18th 12:00 PM EDT
LEDs are the go to light source for the replacement of existing lamps and luminaires providing a significant reduction in energy and an extended lifespan. LEDs can fit any form factor, and are extremely malleable compared to what we’ve been using in the past. However, dimming LEDs require careful coordination of lamps, drivers and controls to ensure proper performance. The session walks through dimming expectations for LEDs vs. incandescent such as dimming floor, color temperature, and linearity; the most common problems with LED dimming such as power line noise and how to address them. Participants to this webinar are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

A New Measure of Color Discrimination
November 15th 12:00 PM EST
Color rendition is commonly considered within three conceptual frameworks; color fidelity (the rendition of objects such that they appear as they would under a familiar reference illuminant), color preference (the rendition of objects such that they appear pleasant, vivid, or flattering), and color discrimination (the ability to distinguish colors of slightly different hue when viewed simultaneously). Color discrimination has been studied less frequently than color fidelity or color preference, though it is no less important. This presentation will summarize the previous literature on color discrimination and discuss recent work in this area. A recently published study by the current speaker will be discussed, which dispels the conventional wisdom that gamut area is a predictive color discrimination metric. This presentation will detail a new measure of color discrimination, which shows strong predictive ability of experimental results. Participants to this webinar are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).


Each webinar in the IES Standards Webinar Series is devoted to a specific IES Standard. These webinars are typically presented by one or more lead contributors from the authoring committee of the standard. Webinars attendees have an opportunity to hear directly from experts who have an in-depth knowledge on the topic of the standard. Plus Question and Answer sessions at the end allow viewers to submit questions to the presenters. Available to IES Members only. The IES is an accredited Standards Development Organization (SDO) under American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved procedures. The Society publishes nearly 100 varied publications including recommended practices on a variety of applications, design guides, technical memoranda, and publications on energy management and lighting measurement.
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G-1, Security Lighting Guidelines for People, Property and Critical Infrastructure

Presentation: Carl E. Lee, Larry Leetzow, Pamela Tresp
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DG-28, The Smart City / IoT Update for the ANSI/IES Roadway Lighting Control System Standard

Presentation: Jim Frazer
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RP-28, Lighting and the Visual Environment for Seniors and the Low Vision Population

Presentation: Eunice Diane Noell-Waggoner, Dr. Asha Hegde
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RP-29, Lighting for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Presentation: Mary Alcaraz, Karen Lee, Karen Murphy
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RP-30, Museum Lighting and Lighting for Fine Art

Presentation: Scott Rosenfeld
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DG-1, Design for Color and Illumination

Presentation: Wendy Luedtke, Jason Livingston
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TM-30 in 2018 and Beyond: Guidance for Improving Color Quality

Presentation: Michael Royer
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RP-11-17, Lighting for Residential Environments

Presentation: Doreen LeMay Madden

The IES Educational Webinar Series covers a variety of lighting and Illuminating Engineering Society specific topics to help you grow your lighting knowledge and get the most out of your IES membership. (Members Only)
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What's New at the IES?

Presentation: Brian Liebel, Mark Lien, Robert Horner, Jennifer Marotta Collin, Tom Butters
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IES Leadership Bootcamp

Presentation: Kimberly Mercier, Wanda Barchard, Mariel Taviana Acevedo, Bob Bridges
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Synergistic Buildings in the Era of IoT

Presentation: Michael C. Skurla
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Measuring Light in the Field

Presentation: Joseph Good
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Layers of Light: Residential & Hospitality

Presentation: David K. Warfel
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Tunable White Controls

Presentation: Brent Protzman