Apr 4, 2017

The IES is launching a Speakers Directory that will be available to members and sections through our new website. The purpose of this directory will be to provide you with access to individuals that are willing and able to provide educational presentations.

To that end, this is a call out to any qualified individuals who wish to be included on this list. It is our objective to maintain the highest level of professionalism with this directory, and in doing so, if you submit your name for inclusion you may be asked to provide references. We also welcome you to identify as many presentations you deem worthy, provided that they meet all the IES requirements. PDFs of these presentations will be required at a later date for verification.

Please provide the following initial information to:
IES Education Department at [email protected] with a subject line of IES Speakers Directory

Speakers Name:
Length in Hours:
Learning Level: Novice, Intermediate, Expert:
Local Section/City:
Ability to Travel: N/Y/How far:
Remuneration: N/Y/TA (Travel and Accommodation Only):
Date of Latest Revision

IES is lucky to have so many qualified and professional presenters involved with our Society. There is a great desire at the section level to have access to this wealth of knowledge. We are hopeful that this Speakers Directory will be a first step in disseminating our members’ knowledge to a greater audience.

We look forward to being inundated with submissions and to working with all of you going forward.