Videos & Podcasts

One of our goals is to provide you with the ability to access IES educational content in a variety of ways. In addition to our live webinars, we also offer various video series and podcasts. The list below provides an overview of what is available.


Indispensable Lighting Series: This program is designed to give members, educators and the general public access to information about quality lighting. The presentations in the series can be used for IES Section Meetings, as an instructional supplement for introductory lighting courses in post-secondary settings and for those who would like to know more about lighting.

Lighting Education Facility Showcase: The IES provides insight and access to the work being done in some of the best lighting educational facilities. Actual faculty and students explain, in their own words, what differentiates their educational facilities from others. In some instances, the viewer is transferred directly into a class of one of these facilities. In others, scientists and graduate students explain the work being conducted. From basic to more specialized, this educational offering is delivered by experts in the lighting education field directly for the benefit of the viewer.

Trailblazers & Icons Interview Series: Trailblazers and Icons is an inspiring and informative series of interviews with some of the lighting communities’ most recognized thought leaders, teachers and practitioners and others. The interviews, conducted by IES Fellow Daniel Blitzer, elicit from each interviewee their major contributions to lighting and their perspective on some of the major issues currently facing the lighting industry. Additional interviews will be added to the series each year with a handful of others who have blazed a trail in lighting. These interviews are available only to active members of the IES. (Available in podcast form as well)


Forces of Change

Lights of the Round

Architecture for Light

Trailblazers & Icons

Forces of Change Podcast Series: The Forces of Change podcast series is hosted by Mark Lien, author of the Forces of Change column in Lighting Design + Application (LD+A) magazine. Lien’s focus on trends and new technologies positions him to explore diverse topics with informed guests, in their own voice, describing the forces of change impacting our lighting community. The accelerating pace of change we are experiencing demands continuous education and exposure to new ideas to stay relevant. Join Mark and other thought leaders driving our market transformation for these brief but informative dialogues on the issues that we must understand to evaluate effectively.

To submit an idea for an IES Video please email Tom Butters, IES Director of Education,

To submit an idea for an IES Podcast please email Mark Lien, IES Industry Relations Manager,