November 15, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Santa Barbara Club
1105 Chapala St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Presentation Description
“Creating and Altering Perceptions with Lighting”

A look at how a practicing lighting designer establishes and modifies people’s perceptions of environments, products and people through the craft of lighting.

Perception can be defined as “the process of attaining awareness or understanding from sensory information”. Through the sense of sight, we can use lighting to influence people’s perception of spaces and objects, and as a working lighting designer, that is what I’m called upon to do in many circumstances.

The presentation shall consist of several case studies which will include a combination architectural/exhibit project, several highlights from theatrical introductions of new automobiles, and the American Presidential Debates. The common theme of these different projects is that lighting, in conjunction with other disciplines, is used as a sales tool, whether it is for products or presidential candidates.

Jim TetlowJim Tetlow is a theatre consultant, television and theatrical lighting designer based in San Diego, California. He has been the recipient of an Emmy Award, won in 1990 for Sesame Street, and two other nominations. He has been referred to as the guru of entertainment systems design for his work on 29 ships for various brands of the Carnival Corporation cruise ship fleet.

Tetlow is a 1977 graduate of Carnegie Mellon with a BFA in Drama. After working for several years as a free-lance lighting designer, he was hired in 1981 by the renowned Imero Fiorentino Associates (IFA) in New York City. During his ten years at IFA he worked primarily in television including designing the lighting for specials for all of the major television networks. He also designed lighting for corporate projects and exhibits including the Spruce Goose airplane exhibit in Long Beach, California. and the AT&T exhibit at Epcot at Walt Disney World.
Visit his website at www.n-e-d.com.