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Webinar: Lighting for Circadian Health

March 17, 2021 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

IES Toronto Section

‘One day we will look at our current lighting, the way we look at smoking now’ – Tony Tjan, Cue Ball Capital.

In the West we have the good fortune of having access to clean drinking water. We take it for granted that when we switch on our faucets, we will be able to use the water and it will be good for our bodies. We trust that the best practices have been employed in the delivery of our water.

Before we knew the importance of clean drinking water, we did not have filtration systems. Water filtration has been responsible for decreasing mortality rates and increasing the average life expectancy of the global population.

Lighting is the singular most important cue to the sleep/wake cycle, which determines the function of every organ in our body, including hormone and chemical secretion. Light is therefore responsible for our mood, physical health and cognitive health, for no other reason, than all living organisms evolved under sunlight, which is dynamic, over millions of years.

The World Health Organization has determined that chronic circadian rhythm disruption is a carcinogenic. Alzheimer’s has been linked to beta-amyloid build up in the brain, something that cannot drain without sleep, and PTSD sufferers are able to improve sleep by increasing sunlight exposure.

There are now thousands of papers to support the need for lighting that emulates sunlight. Simple…..and as with anything simple, the solution is complex.

Learn in this presentation about:

  1. The anatomy of the human eye and how to discern the functional differences between the receptors, with an emphasis on the recently discovered ipRGCs.
  2. Discover what we know today, about how sunlight affects the human body’s circadian rhythms.
  3. Learn about how disruption in our circadian rhythm can negatively affect sleep, immune response and productivity.
  4. Learn about standards and strategies designed to support human health and circadian entrainment.

Speaker: Sarah Morgan
Sarah MorganAn entrepreneur with a fresh perspective on innovation, leveraging a Masters Thesis in LED lighting and Biomimicry and applied commercial manufacturing experience. I am the CEO of Nano-Lit Technologies, a company focused on lighting for health and well being, using Quantum Dots and Advanced Manufacturing. Prior to starting trading, I took two years hiatus from business and lectured in Design for the Space Industry at the University of Dundee in Scotland, where I received an Innovative Teaching Award.

I have served on the New York Board of Directors for the Industrial Design Society of America, Housing Works and the Metropolitan Art Society NY (started by Jackie Onassis).

My first company designed and sold product to the US retail market (Target, QVC, Urban Outfitters). Nano-Lit Technologies leverages my thesis work in LEDs and has resulted in Nano-Lit being hired by AkzoNobel and Mercedes. For two years Nano-Lit carried out R&D in the Naval Yards in Amsterdam, while simultaneously overseeing R&D at Acreo in Sweden, Brunel University UK, Edinburgh University UK, CIDETEC Spain. Three patents pending related to General and Automotive Lighting.

Nano-Lit’s commercial product leverages eight years of research and development focused on:

  • Testing of the top ten Quantum Dot manufacturers’ materials (Cad & Cad Free)
  • Quantum Dot:
    • ink development
    • printing development (3D & 2D), including nano-lithography and capillary printing
    • industrial glass encapsulation
  • control system development for photonic excitation of Quantum Dots
  • improving optical efficiency and coupling of Quantum Dots for lighting and display
  • embedding of Quantum Dots in optical films and relevant chemistries
  • testing Quantum Dots in automotive manufacturing processes


March 17, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT
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