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Embrace the Horseless Carriage: A Conversation about Digital Lighting Control Adoption in North America

We live in a digital world, yet lighting control in North America seems stuck in analog technology. This panel discussion will include perspectives from the U.S. Dept. of Energy National Labs, manufacturing, specification, and integration about the challenges they’ve encountered in digital control adoption.  Bring your questions and opinions to this interactive presentation. This is […]

Toward to “Lighting 4.0” Era, the SSL2 (Sustainable Smart Lighting x Solid State Light sources) Concept

During the last decade, SSLs-Solid-State Lighting based on components like LEDs, OLEDs and LDs, challenges conventional technologies. In particular, LED has turned into a game changer beating the conventional technologies in all aspects. It is therefore anticipated that in short term, all of electric lighting will be based on SSLs. Today, SSLs proceed to the […]

How Do We Utilize the Remote Monitoring Capabilities of Connected Lighting Systems to Facilitate Automated Fault Detection, Diagnostics, and Prediction?

Lighting systems that offer remote monitoring and promise sophisticated lighting control strategies and improved maintenance efficiency have been on the market for many years, but their deployment remains limited. In principle, such systems can improve upon traditional maintenance practices by automating what are typically manual, in-person tasks. In reality, such use of remote monitoring capabilities […]

Event Series 2023 IES/PNNL Webinar Series: Big Questions

Lighting the path to a better world: How can we sustain our environment, society, and economy with equity and justice for all?

As efforts to mitigate climate change and promote energy equity and environmental justice are gaining momentum, the lighting industry is looking for practical pathways to deploy their skills, perspectives, and influence to make the world a better place. This webinar will bring together three unique but cross-cutting perspectives addressing practical approaches and relevant considerations for […]

Event Series 2023 IES/PNNL Webinar Series: Big Questions

GUV: Pandemic Fad, or Game-Changing Technology for Healthy and More Energy-Efficient Buildings?

Though the worst impacts of the pandemic are over, illness and absenteeism resulting from airborne viruses continues to cost U.S. businesses over $200B annually, reduce student learning and achievement, and exacerbate public health and education inequities. As the building industry considers how to address these costs, ASHRAE has committed to develop a new building design […]

Event Series 2023 IES/PNNL Webinar Series: Big Questions

How can metrics and guidelines help us fix flicker?

Temporal light modulation (TLM, or flicker) is an increasing phenomenon in indoor, outdoor, and vehicular applications, due to the widespread adoption of LED sources. Most LED lighting systems don’t produce problematic TLM, but for those that do, there has been a delayed recognition that certain TLM waveform characteristics and viewing conditions can result in distraction […]