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Event Series 2023 IES/PNNL Webinar Series: Big Questions

GUV: Pandemic Fad, or Game-Changing Technology for Healthy and More Energy-Efficient Buildings?

Though the worst impacts of the pandemic are over, illness and absenteeism resulting from airborne viruses continues to cost U.S. businesses over $200B annually, reduce student learning and achievement, and exacerbate public health and education inequities. As the building industry considers how to address these costs, ASHRAE has committed to develop a new building design […]

Education Partner: Advancing the Nighttime Environment: Connecting People and Places through Sustainable Outdoor Illumination

Zoom Online Webinar Details will be provided to registrants., United States

Light at night provides the benefit of increased visibility and the associated impressions of safety and security, but how might we reimagine light at night not only as innovation in technology, but innovation in thought to address the needs and desired outcomes for the community in which it is installed? Let’s discover the stakeholders, influencers, […]

Event Series 2023 IES/PNNL Webinar Series: Big Questions

How can metrics and guidelines help us fix flicker?

Temporal light modulation (TLM, or flicker) is an increasing phenomenon in indoor, outdoor, and vehicular applications, due to the widespread adoption of LED sources. Most LED lighting systems don’t produce problematic TLM, but for those that do, there has been a delayed recognition that certain TLM waveform characteristics and viewing conditions can result in distraction […]