Conference Emerging Professional Program

This year’s Emerging Professional Workshop will be held virtually on Friday, August 21, 2020. Due to our generous sponsors of the Emerging Professional (EP) Program, the IES is pleased to announce that this year's Emerging Professional Workshop program is free for all Students and EPs and the IES Annual Conference is free to attend for the first 300 Students and EPs!

Here's what you can expect during the Emerging Professional Workshop:

Emerging Professional Workshop Schedule

August 21, 2020

11:00 AM-11:10 AM ET Opening of the 10th EP event by the current IES president Antonio Garza.
11:10 AM-11:45 AM ET "Diversity and Inclusion". Jennifer Jaques, Tanya Hernandez, Bernadette Boudreaux, Krystle Smith, and Ed Bartholomew.
11:45 AM-12:30 PM ET "Lighting Designers Go Tech: VR & AR". Kailey Lietzke and Jonathan Bartling.
12:30 PM-12:35 PM ET "Managing a team and fostering collaboration remotely " - A quick conversation with a lighting designer (by Sam Koerbel, Lytei).


1:00 PM-2:00 PM ET “Disruptors in lighting” Nathalie Rozot, Sam Koerbel, Gary Trott, and Lars Christensen.
2:00 PM-2:15 PM ET "One thing people don't know about lighting design" (by Sam Koerbel, Lytei).
2:15 PM-3:00 PM ET “Application of light and health research: how to do it right.” Mariana Figueiro.
3:00 PM-3:05 PM ET “Meet Howard Brandston" (by Sam Koerbel, Lytei)


Description for the zoom rooms:
Live discussions with the speakers of the EP day and other EPs in the breakout rooms will be shaped by your questions. The general direction of the discussion is guided by the speaker's presentation earlier in the day. Each room will be moderated by two EP committee members. The first 15 minutes will be devoted to the fun Kahoot! trivia game. Join us for socializing and fun engagement!

4:00-5:00 PM ET
Zoom breakout room 1 –
“Town Square” with Antonio Garza. Discussion of topics that are important to EPs (e.g. effects of COVID-19 on work, navigating business environments such as conferences, types of training/education available and needed, etc.).
Zoom breakout room 2 – "Lighting Design" with Sara Schonour and Steven Rosen. Topics related to the profession of lighting design.
Zoom breakout room 3 – "Disruption and business" with Lars Christensen, Nathalie Rozot, and Gary Trott. Topics related to starting your own business, disrupting the industry, and finding your path.
Zoom breakout room 4 – "Technology in lighting" with Kailey Lietzke and Jonathan Bartling. Topics related to using the latest technology in the field of lighting design.
Zoom breakout room 5 – "Diversity and inclusion" with Tanya Hernandez, Bernadette Boudreaux, Krystle Smith, and Ed Bartholomew. Topics related to the diversity and inclusion.
Zoom breakout room 6 – "Light and health" with Mariana Figueiro. Topics related to light and health, lighting research and its application.

As a part of the EP Annual Conference Workshop, the quiz game KAHOOT will be played live for fun and educational purposes at the beginning of each breakout room live discussion (4 pm ET). Prizes will be given out for the top three (3) winners of each quiz game. 

KahootTo prepare for participating in the Kahoot Quiz game, please download or open up “” on your cell phones prior to logging into the live chat room where the game will be played. Once in the live chat room, you will see the KAHOOT quiz on your computer screen with a numerical code to enter into the app on your phones, along with a prompt to enter your name (or a made-up name of your choosing) that identifies and connects you to the KAHOOT quiz game on the live chat room computer. Once you have entered the code and your name, you become an eligible contestant and will receive further instructions from the Kahoot game show host prior to the KAHOOT game starting.

Have fun!

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