IES Virtual Annual Conference 2020

DATES: August 24th – August 28th and August 31st – September 4th
TIMES: Official times to be determined, but there will be two blocks of sessions each day.

The virtual Annual Conference will have sessions that will be held August 24th – August 28th and August 31st – September 4th. By providing a schedule that offers content across these two weeks, registrants will be able to attend all sessions and not have to choose between different tracks.

The formal agenda and more will be made available shortly.



The IES is pleased to announce that the 2020 IES Annual Conference will feature the following keynote presentations.

Harold D. Wallace, Jr.PRESENTER: Harold D. Wallace, Jr.

TOPIC: To Change a Light Bulb: Federal Policy & Electric Lamps, 1880-2016

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: The federal government and the lighting industry share a long history during which policy makers and industry managers used each other to pursue their goals. Changes stemming from the LED revolution ensure that future lighting policy will differ from the past in critical respects. This presentation presents an overview of the past to help lighting professionals understand how to use history well in the years ahead.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Harold D. Wallace, Jr., (Hal) is curator of the Electricity Collections at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Responsible for over 25,000 objects documenting the history of electrical science and technologies, Hal has specialized in the history of electric light and power since joining NMAH in 1995. Hal holds a Ph.D. in public policy/policy history, and an M.A. in the history of technology, both from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His dissertation “Electric Lighting Policy in the Federal Government: 1880-2016” is available on ProQuest. He is the author of "Wallops Station and the Creation of An American Space Program," as well as articles and blog posts on the history of several electrical technologies. His exhibition "The Electric Dr. Franklin," opening in Spring 2021, will be the latest of many physical and online exhibitions covering various electrical topics. He has served on the IEEE History Committee, and on the local arrangements committee for IES2K held in Washington, DC. He currently serves on the Collections Committee of the Baltimore Museum of Industry, and is the Smithsonian's representative on the board of the Thomas A. Edison Papers Project. Hal is a member the American Historical Association, the American Political Science Association, the Illuminating Engineering Society, and the Society for the History of Technology.

Daniel SalinasPRESENTER: Daniel G. Salinas, LC, IES

TOPIC: Emotion and Light: A Lighting Designers Personal Journey Thru Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)

PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: This presentation will discuss, from the patient/lighting designer point of view, the various issues faced under PCS, how it affected the presenter mentally, emotionally and from a professional designer’s creativity standpoint. He will be discussing stress and its impact on a person with PCS, how light either increased the stress on the brain or helped with easing the strain, and how personal changes in work habit and lifestyle management allowed a path for healing. In doing so, the goal is to open the understanding of the research and design community that we can look at things theoretically all day long but until you can actually see it in application and understand what it does to an individual with special conditions, your job is only half done. We make the mistake of designing for a physically whole clientele, but how does it affect us mentally.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Daniel Salinas has been in the electrical industry for 42 years, beginning as a residential lighting consultant with Belco Electric Supply in 1978, quickly progressing to showroom manager and eventually to commercial lighting designer and consultant for Design/Build electrical contracting firms, electrical engineers, interior designers and architects. In 1987 he joined Nelson Electric as Senior Designer/Project Manager for lighting and lighting control systems. The breadth of his design and project management experience spans both commercial and residential projects, specializing in complicated installations with new techniques of constructability and ease of maintenance. Commercial lighting control design has been his passion where working with integrated technology is a requirement. He has received two IESNA IIDA International Awards of Merit for his work on special project applications. In 2015 Dan retired from Nelson Electric to found Salinas Lighting Consult with the idea of expanding the concept of holistic design of lighting systems.

Dan is involved in the volunteer and leadership arena where he has served on numerous committees and leadership positions within Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) culminating in that of IES President for 2013-2014 and continuing thru July of 2015 as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. He continues to serve as a member of various IES committees and task groups. In addition, he served the National Council on Qualifications for Lighting Professions (NCQLP) as Chair of the Certification Renewal Committee, is on the Board of Directors for the National Lighting Controls Training Program, and a voting member of the ASHRAE SSPC100 Existing Buildings Committee.

Comprehensive Urban Lighting Master Plans for 2020 and Beyond Randy Burkett
Cultivating Creativity Andrea Hartranft, Maureen Moran
From Code to Conduit - Understanding and Implementing Emergency Systems in 2020 Craig Ochoa, Chris Patton, Steve Terry, Jeremy Windle
Light as Object: Philosophical Importance of Abstraction Reinhardt Swart
Lighting Design as it Was, Is, and Will Be Karen Murphy
Lighting Design Trends Expressed in Cinema - Luminaire Advancements, Design Trends, and their Impact on the Big Screen Robert White
Lighting for Outdoor Pedestrian Spaces: Meet the New IES LP-2 Lighting Practice Document Randy Burkett, Nancy Clanton, Shirley Coyle, Naomi Miller
Lighting Integrated with other Building Systems Michael Myer
Lighting to counteract the Hunt Effect Tony Esposito, Kevin Houser
Monetizing Luminaire Data. What’s Possible Today? Simon Slupik
Not Your Average Old Boys Club: Supporting Female Talent Beyond the EP Alexandra Gadawski, Catherine Leskowat, Brittany Lynch, Amber Poirier
Room to Grow: What Data from a NICU Tells Us About Lighting Design Craig Casey, Sarah Safranek
So, Who Figures This Out? Lighting Design, Controls, and Integration Alexander Cooper, Mark Fink
Specifying in the Digital Age of Lighting Controls C. Marsh
Spectrum Matters (or, Daylight, moonlight, firelight, LEDs...) Naomi Miller, Steve Paolini
Steering the Flagship: A Discussion on Navigating the Industry Bernadette Boudreaux, Ariele Chow, Mert John Erdogan, Jacob Graige, Brienne Willcock, Elizabeth Williams
The Psychology of Lighting: It’s Origins, What We Know and How We Can Apply It Craig Bernecker
Thinking ‘Slow’ – a Fresh Perspective to the Fast-Paced World of Connected Lighting? Amardeep Dugar, Jane Slade
To Infinity and Beyond: Designing with the Variations of Dynamic Light Technology Brent Protzman
Translating the Science of Human Centric Lighting into Effective and Successful Practices: a Roadmap to Implementation Douglas Steel