Mie scatter

[2.21] Dispersion of electromagnetic radiation by particles that are larger than the wavelength of the radiation.  Mie scatter is nearly wavelength independent (i.e., all wavelengths are scattered equally). In Mie […]

Rayleigh scatter

[2.22] Dispersion of electromagnetic radiation by particles much smaller than the wavelength of the radiation. The amount of scatter varies inversely as the fourth power of the wavelength, resulting in short wavelengths […]

total emissivity

[]  (See spectral-total directional emissivity or spectral-total hemispherical emissivity.)

spectral-total hemispherical emissivity

[] ε(x,y,2π,T), (at a point on the surface of a thermal radiator) The ratio of the radiant exitance of the thermal radiator at temperature T, at the given point on […]

Wien displacement law

[2.13.6] An expression representing, in a functional form, the spectral radiance of a blackbody as a function of the wavelength and the temperature. or   The two principal corollaries of […]