configuration factor, c1→2

[] The ratio of illuminance on a surface at point 1 that is due to the flux directly received from Lambertian surface 2 to the exitance of surface 2. It […]


[9.4.10]  (See luminaire efficiency and radiant efficiency.)

fenestra method

[9.6.3] A procedure for predicting the interior illuminance received from daylight through windows.

ray tracing

[9.6.4] A procedure for analyzing the direct or interreflected light in an environment by casting rays into an environment in a statistical manner to determine the illuminance or luminance at […]

forward ray tracing

[] A ray tracing method that casts rays from the light sources to receiving surfaces, and then recasts additional rays from these receiving surfaces to determine the interreflected light within […]

backward ray tracing

[] A ray tracing technique that casts rays from a desired observer position through a viewing plane, or away from a desired analysis point, into the environment. Upon striking a […]