Committee Detail

Horticultural Lighting Committee


Committee Purpose, Scope and Documents

This Technical Committee researches and develops best practices for horticultural lighting using climate-based annual daylighting and electric lighting with lighting and shading controls.

Included subject matter: Controlled horticultural environments such as greenhouses, plant factories, and building atria. Excluded subject matter: Horticultural lighting metrics, luminaire test and measurement procedures, and energy performance for luminaires.

Committee Leadership

Ian Ashdown
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Ian Ashdown, P. Eng. (Ret.), FIES, is President and Senior Scientist of SunTracker Technologies Ltd. (Victoria, Canada), a company developing architectural, horticultural, and healthcare lighting design software.

Members (Voting)

  • Marvin Boell
  • Emil Radkov
  • Graeme G. Lister
  • Aaron A. Feldman
  • Chris Bishop
  • Kale Harbick
  • Aaron P. Welch
  • Michael S. O'Boyle
  • Morgan Pattison
  • Amardeep M. Dugar
  • Mike L. Carter
  • Leora C. Radetsky

Advisory Members (Non-Voting)

  • Tessa H. Pocock
  • Irina Rasputnis
  • Doosung Park
  • Michael Phillips
  • Greg Barker
  • Hugh Carroll
  • Rosemary Mullane
  • Roy Harvey
  • Jarred Joffe
  • Ryan W. Siddon
  • Kasey Holland
  • Manju Dileep

Advisory Panel Liaisons

  • Jason R. Tuenge

Board Liaisons


Staff Liaisons

  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • Dawn De Grazio
  • Geomara Flores
  • Zoe Milgram