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Testing Procedures Committee


Committee Purpose, Scope and Documents

This Technical Committee reviews and approves draft standards prepared by the TPC sub-committees.

Included subject matter: This Technical Committee review and approve standard test and measurement procedures and calculation practices for illumination characteristics of indoor luminaires, outdoor luminaires, LEDs, and other light sources. Excluded subject matter: This committee does not cover procedures for field testing of specific applications of lighting equipment.



Committee Chair

C. Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller is the Optical Radiation Group Leader with the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He joined NIST in 1996, to work in the fields of Photometry and Retroreflection and in 2003 was appointed the Photometry Project Leader. His research areas include all aspects of Photometry, Optical Properties of Materials particularly Retroreflection, Measurement Uncertainty and Vision Science applied to lighting. He is also the out-going chair of the IES Testing Procedures Committee.
Becky Kuebler
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Pending Chair Bio

Members (Voting)

  • Joseph P. Marella
  • Mihaly Kotrebai
  • David J. Ellis
  • Jeff N. Hulett
  • Jonathan C. Vollers
  • Rolf S. Bergman
  • Carl K. Andersen
  • Greg McKee
  • Eric Bretschneider
  • Philip McCarthy
  • Steven Longo
  • Michael L. Grather
  • Daniel Rogers
  • Yoelit H. Hiebert
  • Randall P. Bergin
  • Mark B. Sapcoe
  • Kurt M. Liepmann
  • Emil Radkov
  • James Hospodarsky
  • Po-Chieh Hung
  • James E. Leland
  • KC Fletcher
  • Saori Mitsuhashi
  • C. Cameron Miller
  • Becky Kuebler

Advisory Members (Non-Voting)

  • Ralph C. Tuttle
  • Doosung Park
  • Shuming Hua
  • Mark E. Duffy
  • Robert C. Berger
  • Eric S. Perkins
  • Jacki S. Swiernik
  • Tokihisa Kawabata
  • Jeff Lockner
  • Tobias Schneider
  • Lynn Davis
  • Jeff J. Demirjian
  • Yuqin Zong
  • Yoshihiro Ohno
  • James E. Walker
  • Pei-Ting Chou
  • Phil Elizondo
  • Kyle J. Hemmi
  • Kelly C. Lerbs
  • Gary A. Steinberg
  • Nermin Peimanovic
  • Jim Frazer
  • Michael P. Royer
  • Anthony W. Serres
  • Lane Swainston
  • Carl A. Bloomfield
  • Lawrence M. Ayers
  • Ryan Kelley
  • Michael Piscitelli
  • Hamid Kashaninejad
  • Erik Page
  • Gareth John
  • Victor Eberhard
  • Meghna Damle
  • Anders Thorseth
  • Aaron A. Feldman
  • Jessica Kramer
  • József Juhász
  • Pat Cruz
  • Timothy W. Rasinski
  • Seng-Hup Teoh
  • Bernadette Boudreaux

Advisory Panel Liaisons

  • Michael L. Grather

Board Liaisons


Staff Liaisons

  • Brian Liebel
  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • Dawn De Grazio
  • Alex Baker
  • Geomara Flores