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BIM Committee


Committee Purpose, Scope and Documents

This Technical Committee reviews Building Information Management practices for lighting.
Included subject matter: The scope includes developing a Technical Memorandum or Design Guide for shared parameters for BIM lighting file software. Excluded subject matter: The scope does not include software or file formats outside of BIM.

Committee Leadership

Alicia Paintner
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Alicia Paintner has been an Application Specialist for 22 years now. She started out with new GE Sports Lighting Division in Fort Worth, Texas as a drafter. She soon transitioned into Applications where she learned the art from such notables as Mike Owens, Debbie Bell, Heather Johnson and many many hours of field time. After three years GE Sports Lighting transferred to the ownership of Carolina High Mast. She was there for about a year when she was contacted by Hubbell Lighting to help with their Applications Team move from Christiansburg VA to Greenville SC. Being a rolling stone, it was an offer she could not refuse. Upon joining Hubbell her expertise broaden from just sports lighting to all indoor and outdoor lighting applications. She helped launch the partnership of Dial and Hubbell to produce LiteProDLX and did extensive training with the Hubbell reps. Somehow it was decided that Applications was the division to cover REVIT and BIM when it first hit the market. She was tasked to learn the program and start creating its content. In the early days it was just Alicia, but she now has a Team of 3 specialists to help her move into the 2020 BIM market. Alicia is excited and involved in BIM. As such she continually relies on the experts that use her product on a day to day bases. She is open to any and all suggestions and criticisms of Hubbell’s files and looks forward to improving her product any way she can.

Secretary - Geoffrey C. Wright

Members (Voting)

  • Jared A. Smith
  • Paul K. Ericson
  • Donna T. Gafford
  • Stephanie Hillegas
  • Grant Goodfellow
  • Matt S. Kincaid
  • Friedrich W. Bremecker
  • Dan A. Schwade
  • Jose Luiz Pimenta
  • Dan Stine

Advisory Members (Non-Voting)

  • Avraham M. Mor
  • Brian Fiander
  • Penko N. Slivov
  • Nate Ritta
  • Daniel I. Cortes
  • Alex Cooke
  • Jeffrey Boynton
  • Michael Phillips
  • Jess C. Perucho, LC
  • Rebecca Ceballos
  • Jonathan A. Lebovic
  • Kyle McGahan
  • Kate Furst
  • Brian J. Wiley
  • Leah E. Robinson
  • Daniel C. Glaser
  • Adam P. Lysiak
  • Joseph Guiyab

Advisory Panel Liaisons

  • Robert Karlicek, Jr.
  • Jason R. Tuenge

Board Liaisons


Staff Liaisons

  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • Zoe Milgram
  • Dawn De Grazio
  • Geomara Flores