Committee Detail

Lighting for Videoconference and Presentation Spaces Committee


Committee Purpose, Scope and Documents

This Technical Committee researches and develops best practices for lighting in multi-media and video conferencing facilities.


Included subject matter: The scope includes multi-media and video conferencing facilities. Excluded subject matter: This committee does not cover large venues, rooms with more than 25 seats, broadcast studios, or distance education facilities.



Committee Chair

Brooke Carter-Silber Pending ## CHAIR BIO ## James M. Yorgey Pending ## CHAIR BIO ##

Members (Voting)

  • Lee Hedberg
  • Timothy W. Cape
  • H James Smith
  • Andrew Beldecos
  • Rebecca Mintz
  • Norman Russell
  • Fred L. Hasler
  • Carl Camenisch

Advisory Members (Non-Voting)

  • Terrance Dee
  • Sarah J. Fisher
  • Robert P. Dagostino

Advisory Panel Liaisons

  • Leslie M. North

Board Liaisons


Staff Liaisons

  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • Geomara Flores