Committee Detail

Roadway Lighting Committee


Committee Purpose, Scope and Documents

This Technical Committee researches and develops best practices for lighting roadways and streets to enhance visibility and driver and pedestrian safety.

Included subject matter: The scope includes roadways and specific roadway areas such as intersections, pedestrian walkways, and bikeways. Excluded subject matter: This committee does not cover the illumination of related public areas outside the project limitations.

Committee Leadership

Martin A. Aitkenhead
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Martin Aitkenhead is a professional engineer and a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science ( Electrical Engineering ) from the University of Toronto and a Master of Business Administration from York University. Martin worked at the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario for over 34 years. During that time he worked in a number of progressively responsible positions related to various transportation electrical systems such as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), traffic signals, and highway lighting. From approximately 1996 to 2019 he was Head of the Electrical Engineering Section, which was responsible for the development and updating of the ministry’s electrical policies and standards related to electrical design, construction and maintenance for highway lighting, traffic signals, remote airport lighting and electric vehicle charging stations. Martin is currently a senior project engineer with Morrison Hershfield. Martin is the Chair of the IES Roadway Lighting Committee.

Vice-Chair - Joe D. Marsh

Members (Voting)

  • Otto Letamendi
  • Kimberly Molloy
  • Roman Stemprok
  • Scott A. Wentworth
  • Michael Smolyansky
  • Carl K. Andersen
  • Edmund H. Morel
  • Geoffrey H. Thiesse
  • Mario Tedesco
  • Nancy E. Clanton
  • Don S. McLean
  • Rebecca Rainer
  • George Chelvanayagam
  • Norm Dittmann
  • Raymond W. Yeager
  • John T. Brown
  • Suzanne N. Lansford
  • Mark E. Seppelt
  • Jianzhong Jiao
  • Joseph Cheung
  • William A. Smelser
  • Michael A. Dudas
  • Mario Bucci
  • Rajaram Bhagavathula
  • Shirley Coyle
  • Rick W. Kauffman
  • Michael N. Maltezos
  • Joel Robinson
  • Kevin Fitzmaurice
  • Richard Larivee
  • Uthayan Thurairajah
  • Graeme G. Lister
  • Lynn A. Asselin
  • Hamid Kashaninejad
  • Andrew D. Silbiger
  • Joseph J. Juzwiak
  • Charles-Antoine Poirier
  • Jim Frazer

Advisory Members (Non-Voting)

  • Caroline Donkin
  • Paul Lutkevich
  • Rahim Benekohal
  • Jason A. Simmers
  • Paul P. Sabau
  • Adrian L. Duma
  • Guy J. Brunet
  • Michael R. Pearse
  • Jonathan T. Weaver
  • Lionel E. Lutley
  • Eric S. Yao
  • Xiaomei Lou
  • Donald R. Monahan
  • Todd A. Lohman
  • John S. Petty
  • Joseph A. Bastianpillai
  • Christopher J. Leone
  • David M. Keith
  • Leo F. Smith
  • Edward J. Kramer
  • Kulwant S. Kang
  • Ronald Gibbons
  • John S. Farsatis
  • Chris Kwong
  • John J. DaCosta
  • Michael T. Kelly
  • Gregg Hyde
  • Robert D. Clear
  • Cory M. Ockunzzi
  • Robert R. Ebbert
  • Leora C. Radetsky
  • Ann M. Kuczkowski
  • Anne-Marie E. Lemieux
  • Dejan Lenasi
  • Katherine Aiken
  • Tyler Ross
  • Susan M. Zarling
  • Jerry Faught
  • Claire Falkowski
  • Mathieu Letourneau
  • Duilio C. Passariello
  • Marc-Antoine Vachon
  • Robert Kent
  • Denney Howard
  • Upul Padmanath

Advisory Panel Liaisons


Board Liaisons


Staff Liaisons

  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • Dawn De Grazio
  • Geomara Flores
  • Alex Baker