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Looking for ‘Just Right’ in Roadway Lighting

By Ronald Gibbons and Rajaram Bhagavathula Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She went for a drive in the city. Pretty soon, she came upon three roadways. Goldilocks was worried about the lighting. She tried the first roadway. “This roadway is

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Combo Pack

Two independent systems—one for safety, the other for visual impact—light a parking garage in Omaha, NE Safety first is Rule Number 1 on the road. The same rule extends to pedestrians in a parking garage, but at one facility in Omaha, NE, aesthetic appeal was a pretty

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IES Telephones Update

We are currently experiencing issues with our phone system. While we work to rectify this issue, please visit the IES “about us” page to contact staff members via email.

Thank you for you patience.