Dec 3, 2021

A unique and integrated “solar tree” system by ASCA produces electricity for e-bike charging stations for apartment buildings in Löchgau, Germany. Positioned atop a ceiling slab of an underground parking garage, the tree is doubly efficient: when e-bikes are not connected, electricity flows to the garage and outdoor area of the apartments to provide general illumination. Not only does this solar-powered system reflect the character of the residential complex in which it stands, it also provides a playful take on the idea of green energy.

The tree-shaped design stands at 6 meters (20-ft) and is composed of approximately 2.5-meter (8-ft) long, flexible solar modules made of organic solar films laminated with polycarbonate. The trunk and branches of the tree are made with flat steel and were manufactured by the Kirchknopf metalworking shop, which also handled on-site installation.