Nov 1, 2021
A commuter train mock-up in Germany uses a cutting-edge smart sky system meant to take some of the stress out of mass transit. The CoeLux product was installed in October for the Deutsche Bahn as part of the IdeasTrainCity initiative ( With health increasingly at the forefront of contemporary travelers’ concerns, HT25 Smart Sky aims to increase commuter comfort levels in high-traffic settings and allow for new architectural dimension to be added to everyday-spaces. Train stations, airports, pedestrian galleries and public transport vehicles are potential markets for the technology. Designed for both sunrise and sunset peak transportation times, Smart Sky imitates circadian rhythms by adding sky-like illumination to these urban settings. The system also provides a lighting solution for nighttime travelers. Trips in the dark can be made to feel safer by replicating daylight scenarios. Adjustments to intensity of light and color temperature, along with smart perception of depth and quality of light emitted, allows this technology to bring the natural world into the most human-made interiors.
A Smart Sky to Reduce Stress