Apr 1, 2022

DLC Unveils New Applications PortalThe DesignLights Consortium (DLC) has launched a new application portal for use by lighting manufacturers looking to list products on the DLC’s Qualified Products Lists (QPL) for Solid-State (SSL) and Horticultural Lighting—resources that inform commercial lighting energy efficiency incentive programs across the country and aid the selection of high-performance lighting by contractors, specifiers, government procurement officials, facility managers and other stakeholders.

The DLC will now process all new SSL and horticultural lighting applications through the new portal, which is integrated with the DLC’s main website and accessible through the myDLC dashboard. Application submitters will still upload product data and supporting documentation, as they did with the old application portal, and the basic application process remains essentially the same. However, the new portal contains online questions that support uploaded documentation and allows submitters to access and sort applications by date, type and status. Users can also “favorite” their applications for easier access, view outstanding invoices and see application messages that need addressing—all from the application dashboard.