Jul 12, 2022

By Paul Tarricone

LD+A Magazine | July 2022This is another of those issues where the “A” in LD+A stands for aspirational. We run these articles from time to time for one simple reason—we hope our readers will step back from the day-to-day, take a breath and think big. It’s fair to say most lighting designers don’t get into the business to run calculations, work on budgets or price out fixtures. They want their finished work product to resonate and make a statement (a trait they share with the editorial team at LD+A).

That said, the cover story on page 20 is in the tradition of similar pieces we’ve published over the years. In January 2006, as part of our IES Centennial celebration, we ran an article entitled “What They’d Like to Light.” The designers who participated could suggest literally anything. And they did. One of my favorites was from Larry Wilson, who dreamed of lighting a roaming herd of bison in Yellowstone Park. The definition of aspiration. Similarly, in 2009, after passage of the Stimulus Bill, we asked readers to write a “letter” to President Obama—using our pages in LD+A—making the case for how lighting could be unleashed across our infrastructure.

In that spirit, we return to the topic of infrastructure. The designers sharing their ideas in this issue’s roundtable article explain what they would do with the power of the purse strings. In this hypothetical, we’ve told them that they’ve each received funds from the U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Since you can’t have modern infrastructure without quality lighting, we wanted to know where they would direct their Monopoly money (one actually chose the Reading Railroad…no joke). A few stretched the definition of “infrastructure” a bit, but that was the point—to think beyond ports and pipes, if that’s what they fancied.

No more spoilers. You will have to find out the rest on your own. Enjoy the big thinkers and dreamers, and the rest of this edition of LD+A.


Paul Tarricone

Paul Tarricone

Paul Tarricone has more 25 years of experience in association and business-to-business publishing, specializing in the engineering, design, construction and facilities management markets. Mr. Tarricone currently serves as Editor and Publisher of Lighting Design + Application,... More info »