May 22, 2020
High-Tech Meets Industrial
Photo: Robert Lowdon Photography

It wasn’t the obvious choice when the Lazaridis Institute, a supporter of high-growth technology companies, picked a turn-of-the-century building in Kitchener, Ontario, for its new Executive Development Center. “We had beautiful bones to work with,” says Tahani Gunal, senior designer at Dfy Studio—the firm hired to turn the space into a modern facility. Looking for fixtures that could hold their own in an industrial space with open beams, pipes and duct work, Dfy chose 12 magnetic Arena fixtures by Eureka Lighting to illuminate the exposed ceiling in the main event room. Three Slice luminaires (Eureka) are attached with magnets across the diameter of each Arena. Featuring a linear LED light engine with a custom-engineered acrylic diffuser capable of 180-deg rotation, Slice’s diffusers can be angled down for direct illumination of the tables below or upwards for indirect illumination of the wooden ceiling.