Sep 3, 2021

In a 3D re-creation of the iconic Edward Hopper painting “Western Motel,” S. Ryan Schmidt used framing projectors to mimic external daylight and earn an IES Illumination Award of Merit.

“The Hopper Hotel Experience” at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

How They Did It: “The Hopper Hotel Experience”

Behind the scenes, highoutput framing projectors with color temperature adjustment provide the direct “sunlight” while theatrical RGB wash fixtures illuminate the mural.
Photo: Matt Crim

How They Did It: “The Hopper Hotel Experience”"

Visitors to the temporary exhibit were presented with this view of the room through a glass portal built into the wall adjacent to the original Hopper painting. To mimic the painting composition as closely as possible, vintage goose neck lamps were added to the “daylit” room.
Photo: Travis Fullerton