Jun 1, 2022

Business of LightA new non-profit organization—the Business of Light—has been launched in honor of lighting designers Barbara Horton and Stephen Lees as a means to empower the next generation of lighting community leaders and sustain lighting businesses through education and mentorship.  “Elevating business knowledge by introducing a wide range of professional consultants skilled in the many aspects of business is an essential part of the tool kit necessary to inspire future leadership to achieve successful and satisfying careers,” says Horton.  Together, Horton and Lees have announced a $25,000 contribution of seed money to the organization.

Introduced at LightFair 2021, the organization is getting ready for a more formal launch at IALD Enlighten Americas 2022 in September. The Board of Directors, representing multiple firms and areas of lighting expertise includes, David Ghatan, CM Kling Lighting Design; Maggie Giusto, Axis Lighting; Anna Sbokou, ASlight; Tom Warton, Vode Lighting; and Carrie Hawley, Barbara Horton, Stephen Lees and Katherine Stekr with HLB Lighting Design.