May 15, 2020

MaxLite introduces MPulse LED High Output Flood Light as a replacement for legacy outdoor lighting. The floodlight features a modular optic system that can be configured to suit a variety of exterior applications. It is available in 220-W, 440-W and 660-W configurations with outputs ranging from 27,000 to 85,000 lumens. It is also offered in multiple optics (narrow, medium, wide and rectangular) and color temperatures (3000K, 4000K and 5000K).

Products in Action May 2020: Maxlite

Modular Lighting Instruments announces the Smart 1.9 in North America. Measuring 1.9 in. in diameter with an aperture of less than 1.5 in., the collection of petite downlights can deliver up to 311 lumens per each compact fixture and is available in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K and 3500K. Smart 1.9 can be combined with a square or rectangular finishing plate to form a recessed luminaire with Smart Mask. Both fixtures and masks are available in black, white and gold finishes.

Products in Action May 2020: Meyda Lighting introduces the 56-in. Costello Chandelier.

Meyda Lighting introduces the 56-in. Costello Chandelier. The 20-light chandelier is comprised of hand-hammered metal-banded belts that embellish two blackened copper-finished tiers complemented with a chestnut finish. The chandelier is 56-in. wide and its height ranges from 76 to 196 in. as the chain length can be adjusted in the field to accommodate specific lighting application needs. Fixture designs, metal finishes and sizes can also be customized to meet specific lighting requirements.

Meyda Lighting introduces the 56-in. Costello Chandelier.

LEDtronics announces two additions to its series of decorative LED post-top fixtures including a low-power circular design and a high-voltage option for walkway and parking lot lighting. The fixtures are dimmable and Title 24-compliant with wattages ranging from 50 to 300. The ETL-listed fixtures also have an IP65 rating. They feature aluminum housing with dark bronze or black anti-corrosion coating and a high-transmission lens.

Products in Action May 2020: LEDtronics announces two additions to its series of decorative LED post-top fixtures.

Eureka announces the Celeste Decorative Pendant, a decorative lighting disc formed from artisanal casted glass. It features integrated connectors that allow individual Celeste heads to be connected vertically, providing the opportunity to create large arrangements, as well as smaller clusters. Celeste is offered in multiple canopy styles and in clear or frosted glass. Specifiers can choose from over 30 preconfigured configurations or create their own.

Eureka announces the Celeste Decorative Pendant.

Hubbell Control Solutions introduces the controlHUBB Mobile App. The app provides Bluetooth wireless setup and configuration of NX Room Control devices and luminaires equipped with an NX In-Fixture module with smart sensor. The app can configure SpectraSync- and SpectraClean-enabled luminaires and is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Hubbell Control Solutions introduces the controlHUBB Mobile App.

Barron Lighting Group announces the addition of the VARIUS LED Series modular LED grow lights. The system is comprised of a series of single LED bars, each utilizing their own distribution. VARIUS LED features solutions for traditional grow applications or pallet-rack growing. Each VARIUS LED bar is supplied with a pre-wired, on-board driver and quick-connect cable system. Magnets allow the VARIUS LED to attach directly to pallet-rack frames for easy adjustment of bar spacing to customize light intensity and uniformity.

Barron Lighting Group announces the addition of the VARIUS LED Series modular LED grow lights.

Designplan Lighting introduces the Lambda pendant for indoor lighting. With a body comprised of extruded aluminum, Lambda offers direct/indirect light emissions, adjustable with its integral 0-10-V dimming driver. The indirect emission on top of the luminaire offers a linear spread, while the direct emission on the bottom is diffused. Lambda comes in four standard finishes including: black suede, bronze, matte silver and white suede. Custom colors can be done upon request.

Designplan Lighting introduces the Lambda pendant for indoor lighting.

Brightline introduces its redesigned LED VideoPlus flush-mounted linear fixture. The updated VideoPlus features LED technology that matches the light quality of the previous model while allowing for a price drop and a reduction in the weight of the fixture, making it easier to install. Available in 2-ft and 4-ft lengths, the VideoPlus can fit small and large spaces. It includes up to two crossing video-light channels and one task-light channel in a 6-in. aperture. It is designed for drywall, acoustical lay-in or custom ceilings.

Brightline introduces its redesigned LED VideoPlus flushmounted linear fixture.

Sonneman announces Cubix, a new fixture of suspended cubes joined to each other by a shared leg on each frame. Cubix can be configured in a vertical arrangement, which brings layers of illumination and dramatic sculptural presence to architectural spaces with high ceilings, or as a low-profile surface, which allows for ceiling surface mounting or suspended installation where a minimal height is desired across the plane of a space.

SONNEMAN announces Cubix, a new fixture of suspended cubes joined to each other by a shared leg on each frame.

Samsung Electronics announces “human-centric” LED packages, collectively known as LM302N. Engineered with light spectra with optimized amounts of cyan, the LM302N family is designed to help the human body adjust melatonin levels indoors. LM302N DAY is designed to improve alertness while LM302N NITE is designed to enhance relaxation. The DAY and NITE packages can be combined into a single luminaire for use 24 hours a day. These offerings can fit in a wide range of lighting fixtures and are protected against humidity and heat.

Samsung Electronics announces “human-centric” LED packages, collectively known as LM302N.

Allegri Crystal (by Kalco Lighting) announces the Apollo statement piece, made to position lighting as art. The fixture is comprised of rectangular crystal blocks hand-etched for an artisanal touch while driverless LED technology lights each block from the inside to create a multifaceted luminescence.

Allegri Crystal (by Kalco Lighting) announces the Apollo statement piece, made to position lighting as art.