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Are LEDs Causing an Increase in Light Pollution?

By James Brodrick Before jumping to conclusions, consider context One of science’s biggest “Caution!” signs applies to the interpretation of research findings. Researchers are taught to be scrupulous in the way they design and carry out their studies, and equally careful

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Paying It Forward

By Tom Butters, LC Our growing reservoir of lighting knowledge should be channeled to the general public “We all know what 50 watts of light looks like.” I was doing a cross-country speaking tour for the Interior Designers of Canada when an award-winning interior designer

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Dystopian or Utopian? Yes

Individual perception colors assessment of our industry By Mark Lien “It’s Mr. Doom & Gloom,” a voice shouted to me across a crowded room. It was a business dinner the night before my presentation to this group. The VP who yelled this had seen me at a previous

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IES Telephones Update

We are currently experiencing issues with our phone system. While we work to rectify this issue, please visit the IES “about us” page to contact staff members via email.

Thank you for you patience.