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LD+A Magazine | October 2020

The Art of the Cover

So how is an LD+A cover born? To explain that, I like to start at the end Read More

Baker's Dozen

Policy: Politics, Technology, Alliances

The annual ‘Baker’s Dozen’ has even more in store for 2021

By Alex Baker Read More


New NEMA Council Shakes it Up

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) announced the creation of its new Seismic Council. Read More


LRC Issues ‘Q+A’ UV Disinfection Document

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) recently released its latest publication, Lighting Answers: UV Disinfection Products. This online publication includes information on products that produce optical radiation at specific ultraviolet (UV) or very short visible wavelengths, designed for use in disinfecting indoor building surfaces and/or air. Read More

Honeywell, Signify Announce Light and Health/IoT Alliance

Alliance to Pursue Healthy, Smart Buildings

Two major players in the built environment sector announced a strategic alliance late last year to “deploy integrated, smart lighting solutions for commercial buildings.” The joint venture between Honeywell and Signify aims “to improve the occupant experience–focusing on productivity and well-being–and to reduce energy consumption.” Read More

Safety: Who's Got This

Safety: Who’s Got This?

PoE systems’ low energy use doesn’t exempt them from standards.

By Jerry Plank Read More

Circadian Lighting Recommendations Yield Potential Energy Impacts

Study Finds Circadian Solutions Can Increase Energy Use

A Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) study, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy evaluated the potential energy impacts of circadian lighting design recommendations detailed in WELL v2 Q2 2019, UL Design Guideline 24480, and Collaborative for High Performance Schools Core Criteria 3.0. Read More

Bios LumiLEDs

BIOS and Lumileds Partner on Human Centric Lighting

BIOS and Lumileds have joined forces to create a new LUXEON LED with SkyBlue circadian technology. Read More

Standards: The Quality Quandary (Redux)

Standards: The Quality Quandary (Redux)

Flipping the script to focus on end-user outcomes.

By Brian Liebel Read More

From Tracks to Trails

Wildlife: From Tracks to Trails

Careful design using both light and darkness can ease the path.

By Jane Slade Read More