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Glaring Weakness

By Willard Warren The importance—and achievability—of improving visuals for an aging population The IES has always sought to reduce direct and reflected glare, and to increase the size and contrast of visual tasks to improve our visual performance. But after years of

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Beware the Elephant

By Tom Butters Specialization in our industry can blind us to areas outside our narrow field of vision In the spring of 2008, my father was nearing the end of his nine-year battle with cancer. As we age, our world begins to shrink. We no longer travel abroad. We stay in

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Decoding IECC 2018

It’s no surprise that a new energy code means more restrictive power allowances By Gary Meshberg In 2017, the International Code Council published the 2018 version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). This new version of the model code reduces lighting

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IES Telephones Update

We are currently experiencing issues with our phone system. While we work to rectify this issue, please visit the IES “about us” page to contact staff members via email.

Thank you for you patience.