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A Metaphor for Clarity

A Metaphor for Clarity

Seek light so that others may avoid the darkness.

By Alex Baker Read More


New Study Shows Benefits of 1:1 Replacement

A new study concluded that retrofitting outdated commercial lighting individually with LEDs equipped with luminaire level lighting controls (LLLC) has the potential to save just as much energy as investing in a full commercial lighting redesign. Read More

Final Version 2.0 of Technical Requirements for Horticultural Lighting Now Available

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) released the final version of its Technical Requirements for LED-based Horticultural Lighting: Version 2.0. Read More


Enlighted Wins Company of the Year

Based on its recent analysis of the North American building Internet of Things (IoT) platforms market, Frost & Sullivan recognized Enlighted, Inc. with the 2020 North America Company of the Year Award. Read More

How L.A.’s Student Design Competition Took Off

The story of how the Los Angeles section of the IES set up the Russell Cole Student Lighting Competition is a winding one that is still unfolding. Read More

Paul Tarricone

Editor’s Note: The Weaponization of Light

The use of UV-C light to combat the coronavirus has brought the industry front and center.

By Paul Tarricone Read More

Commodity vs. Quality

Commodity vs. Quality

The trouble with formulaic designs driven by increased efficacy.

By Willard Warren Read More

Zhaga Looks Toward Connected Indoor Lighting

Zhaga Looks Toward Connected Indoor Lighting

Zhaga has announced the release of Book 20, which focuses on the smart interface between indoor luminaires and sensing/communication modules. Read More

Leviton Brands Partner with BIOS

Leviton Brands Partner with BIOS

To expand its offering of human-centric lighting solutions, Leviton Lighting Brands has announced a partnership with BIOS, an innovator in the biological application of LED lighting. Read More

App Helps Battle Pandemic in Workplaces

App Helps Workplaces Battle Pandemic

To help employees safely return to locations of work, building IoT platform provider Enlighted has announced Safe, a new contact tracing app. Read More