Feb 27, 2020

Yamaha scooter pendantFor Dan McGinty, one childhood toy in particular really made a lasting impression. And it helped trigger some design inspiration years down the road.

The flash of creativity for the Progress Lighting product designer came from the beloved Yamaha scooter of his youth.    

Progress’s design team was tasked with creating an industrial-style pendant that was versatile enough to fit into many types of décor. The design intent was to create a stylized and elevated version of a vintage warehouse look. “As all of my design projects start,” says McGinty, “I sketch a stack of thumbnail images of industrial pendants. I had a visual in my mind of an old industrial warehouse light with prismatic glass and a large ballast box on top.”

Cue the memory of the medallion displayed on the Yamaha scooter, which ultimately became essential to the design of the new Medal pendant, proving that you never know when work and play might come together.