Sep 5, 2019

Alliance Seeks a Smarter System for Food RetailIMS Evolve, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company, has announced a strategic partnership with Current, powered by GE, to deliver IoT solutions to the food retail sector. The partnership leverages IMS Evolve’s integration and automation capabilities and Current’s Daintree wireless controls infrastructure to help food retailers reduce operational costs and improve the customer experience.

The new partnership aims to drive savings in energy, waste and maintenance by leveraging real-time data from assets across the enterprise. According to the alliance partners, one U.S. regional grocer recently installed the system across nearly 200 stores and is on a path toward saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the coming months simply by identifying and removing excess defrost cycles in refrigeration cases. The customer estimates the project will deliver over $1.2 million in annual savings through a combination of refrigeration, HVAC and lighting-related energy savings, all while reducing food spoilage by 30 percent and cutting reactive maintenance calls by 25 percent.

The IMS Evolve IIoT platform integrates existing refrigeration, lighting and HVAC infrastructure and systems, providing access to real-time, fleet-wide actionable data on a single platform without the need to rip and replace. The software can run natively on Current’s wireless area controller (WAC), with data being acquired and leveraged through the IMS system to drive process automation.