Sep 10, 2020

To help employees safely return to locations of work, building IoT platform provider Enlighted has announced Safe, a new contact tracing app. Safe provides a digital contact history for employees who self-report testing positive for COVID-19. Workplaces using Safe can assign alphanumeric ID badges to workers upon entry and employees who test positive can self-report their badge ID. The Safe application then allows administrators to identify other IDs the badge came in contact with. Employees carrying those badge IDs can then self-identify their own exposure.

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In addition to informing employees of possible infection, the app can also be used to drive sanitization efforts in areas an infected employee utilized. The application’s dashboard provides information on contacts in the building to assist management in developing safer workplace strategies. Safe also identifies how many close contacts are happening within a time period and location to proactively manage risk. “The important role of IoT technology in buildings has been further magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Stefan Schwab, CEO of Enlighted.

 Existing Enlighted customers can add the Safe app to their IoT platform. New customers can install the Enlighted IoT system through sensors in LED lighting or through the new USB-powered surface sensor, which can be applied under desks or in conference rooms.