Jun 21, 2019

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) has published its Networked Lighting Control System Technical Requirements V4.0. The new policy aims to bolster a wider adoption of networked lighting controls (NLC) and increase their overall value by addressing issues including cybersecurity and energy monitoring. The requirements will undergo a 12-month grace period for products qualified under the V3.0 requirements. NLC systems that meet the DLC’s requirements are included on a Qualified Products List that guides the design of energy efficiency incentive programs across the US and Canada.

“We know that networked lighting controls have vast and largely unrealized potential to reduce energy use and subsequent carbon emissions, while providing a gateway to building intelligence. With V4.0, the DLC is addressing issues critical to wider market acceptance and adoption of this transformational technology,” says DLC Executive Director Christina Halfpenny.

The DLC revises its NLC requirements annually. The newest version adds energy monitoring as a required capability and permits manufacturers to use both automated and manual methods to measure and report the energy consumption of single or groups of luminaires. It also allows building energy management systems that control networked lighting (as well as other building systems, such as HVAC) to quality for the NLC QPL.

The DLC will host a webinar to explain and take questions on the new policy on June 25, 2019 at 1 pm ET.