Jul 15, 2016

Despite the surge in LED usage, the DOE SSL R&D Plan Solid-State Lighting (SSL) R&D Program estimates that today LED installations are only about 6 percent of all lighting use. In an effort to track the transition to LED technology, the SSL R&D Program is funding a national lighting inventory assessment. This study will update the results of the “2010 U.S. Lighting Market Characterization” (LMC) report, which provides an estimated inventory of the installed lighting technologies in the U.S., and their associated energy consumption. The LMC is greatly referenced in research conducted by the lighting industry, energy efficiency organizations, utilities, program administrators and government agencies across the country and beyond. An integral component which will make this updated analysis both useful and valuable to the community is data. For the previous analysis, nearly two dozen organizations provided raw data collected from lighting inventory assessments. DOE is currently seeking participation for the updated LMC analysis and is collecting lighting inventory data from 2009 through 2016.

If interested in providing the SSL R&D Program with the much needed data for this important lighting research, please contact Mary Yamada with Navigant Consulting at [email protected].